Kirkby Stephen Store Sheep Sale

1st October 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of store sheep on Tuesday when an entry of 1083 lambs were forward.

Topping the sale at £64.50 were a pen of five Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Pedley, Yore House, Sedbergh.

A pen of 22 Mules sold for £54.50 from Messrs Ewin, Eden Flatt, Warcop.

Plenty of pens of lambs still sold in the late fifties to early sixties and many more lambs could easily have been sold to a full ringside of buyers!

Price per head:
Beltex £64.50 Yore House; £63.50, £58 Hill House; £59 Glower Oer Him Farm: Texel £63, £57.50 Castlethwaite; £58 Southwaite Farm; £56.50 Hill House; £56, £54.50, £54 Westfield House Farm; £55 Low Stead; £54.50 Glower Oer Hill Farm; £54.50 Cross Keys: Dutch Texel £58.50, £53.50 Yore House; £50 Dry Howe: Mule £54.50 Eden Flatt; £53.50 Leekworth Gardens; £52 Nova Scotia; £51 Oak House; £51 Yore House: Cheviot £50.50 Elmgill; £47 Scar Sykes Farm; £47 Dry Howe: Kerry Hill £50 Riverdale: Blackface £37 Roundthwaite Abbey: