Kirkby Stephen Weekly Sheep Sale

28th December 2012

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly prime sheep sale at Kirkby Stephen on Friday, when an entry of 1,495 sheep was forward

Topping the sale at £91.80 was a Beltex x lamb from Messrs Boustead, High Lane and purchased by Dowding’s Butchers, Appleby.

A full ringside of 13 buyers was operating which resulted in all classes of lambs being dearer than recent weeks.

Prime Lambs: 

Price per Head – Beltex £91.80, £78.80 High Lane; £88.80, £73.30, £72.30 Row End; £77.80 Castle Hill; £75.80 Starrah; £70.80 Fair View; £70.80 Hartley Castle; £70.30 Greystone House; £70 Hardberry Hill.  Charollais £78.80 Thorney Gale; £70.30, £66.80 Fair View.  Texel £74.80, £68.80, £67.30 Fair View; £71.30,  £69.80 Briggle; £68.80 Blandswath; £67.80 Orchard Farm; £67.80 Smardale Hall; £67.80 (x2) Greystone House.  Suffolk £66.80 Amersber Cottage.  Mule £64.80 Greenriggs; £63.80 (x2) Haber; £63.80 High Stennerskeugh; £63.80 Croft House;  £63.30 Gillcumber Edge; £63.30 Pennine View; £63.20 Claylands Farm.  Cheviot £64.80 Wharton Hall.  Scotch Blackface £61.80 Castle Hill.  Rough Fell £59.80 Smardale Hall; £56.80 High Lane.  Swaledale £55.30 High Stennerskeugh; £54.30 Hardberry Farm; £52.30 Pennine View; £51.80 Smardale Hall.  Jacob £51.80 Hardberry Hill

Price per Kilo – Beltex 199.60p, 197p High Lane; 194.40p, 193.50p, 183.70p Starrah; 188.50p Decklyn; 187.50p Castle Hill; 172.10p Row End.  Texel 172p Blandswath; 162p Briggle ; 161p Cross Keys.  Charollais 171.30p Thorney Gale; 166.60p Orchard Farm.  Cheviot 158p Wharton Hall.  Suffolk 153.20p Low Moor.  Mule 143.40p High Stennerskeugh; 142.40p, 140p Greenriggs; 141.80p, 140.20p Haber.  Swaledale 135.80p Hardberry Hill.  Scotch Blackface 131.50p Castle Hill.


Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel £77 Amersber Cottage; £72.50 Smardale Hall.  Bluefaced Leicester £75 Thorney Gale, Mule £56.50 (x2) Amersber Cottage.  Rough Fell £40 Flakebridge.  Swaledale £33.50 Thorney Gale; £33.50 Hartley Castle.