Kirky Stephen Primestock Sale

14th August 2012

An entry of 3128 sheep was put forward at Kirkby Stephen Mart on Tuesday night, consisting of 2308 Prime Lambs, 718 Cast Ewes and Rams and 102 Store Lambs.  Topping the sale at £94.30 was a pen of seven Dutch Texel lambs from Messrs Dodd, West View and purchased by A. Atkinson  Topping at 228.6p/kg were a pair of Beltex lambs from Messrs Benson, Gamswell Farm, Ulverston and purchased by Vivers Scotlamb.  Trade for all classes was fantastic being on par with the high levels of last week.  The overall average was 20p/kg dearer than the same week last year and more lambs could have been sold to advantage.  Store lambs were a very good trade also, with plenty of buyers being in attendance and the potential for many more to be sold.

Leading Prices: 

Prime Lambs

Price per Kilo

Beltex 228.6p, 218.5p Gamswell Farm; 228.4p, 227p, 218.6p West View; 215.7p Walmgate; 214.3p, 210.5p Dona Close; 212.5p Old Mill Flatt; 211p Ash Garth; 210.9p Friendship Farm; 210p Clifton Moor Farm; 209.7p Hodgson House; 209.6p Windygate Farm; 208.6p Pennine View, Dutch Texel 224.5p, 222.1p, 205p West View, Charollais 223.2p, 217.4p West View; 191.2p Fair View; 191.2p Bank Wood, Texel 206.7p, 204.4p Aisgill Farm; 203p Keisley Farm; 200p Sunnyside; 200p Gamswell Farm, Suffolk 197.2p Potlands; 191.6p Sawbridge Hall, Mules 181.9p Grouse Hall; 177p Asby Hall; 176.6p Asby Grange, Cheviot 181p Low Greenside.

Price per Head

Dutch Texel £94.30, £89.80 West View, Beltex £94, £90.80; £86.80 West View; £92.80 Friendship Farm; £91.80 Pennine View; £90.80 Musgrave House; £90 Intake Bottom; £90 Dona Close; £88, £86.30 Gamswell Farm; £87.80 Pennine View; £86.30 Stripes Farm; £86 Ash Garth; £85.20 Maisongill, Texel £93.80, £87.30 Keisley Farm; £89.90, £88.30 Maisongill; £89.30 Friendship Farm; £89 Gillcumber Edge; £88.80 Fernleigh; £87.80 Nateby Farming Partnership; £87.80 Dona Close; £87.80 Asby Hall;  £87.30 Rosgill Head; £86.80, £85.80(x2) Lansmere Farm; £86.80(x2) Pennine View; £86.30 Villa Farm; £86.30 Low Greenside; £86.20 Step Ends; £86 Fair View; £85.80 Rennel House; £85.80 Marriforth; £85.30 Cotegill; £85.30 Chapel House, Suffolk £91.80, £84 Crossbar View Farm; £85.20 Low Greenside; £84.80 Potlands; £84.30 Sawbridge Hall, Charollais £84.80(x2) West View, Cheviot £84.30 Piper Hole, Mules £78.20 Grouse Hall; £78, £76.80 Keisley Farm; £77.20 Croft House; £77.20 Martindale Farm; £77.20 Gillcumber Edge; £77 Asby Hall; £76.80 Asby Grange; £75.30 Ellergill; £74.20 Crosby Lodge, Herdwick £69.30 Grouse Hall, Rough Fell £68.80 Raisgill Hall, Swaledale £64.80 Grouse Hall.  


Cast Ewes/Rams

Texel £104.50, £95.50, £86.50 Little Close; £103.50 Raisgill Hall; £93.50 Fernleigh; £85.50 Cocklake Farm; £84.50 Intake Bottom; £83.50 Ash Garth; £83.50 Midtown Farm, Suffolk £99.50, £75.50 Eden Terrace, Charollais £81.50 Smardale Hall, Bluefaced Leicester £76.50 Ellergill, Mules £75.50 Midtown Farm; £75 Raisgill Hall; £73.50(x2) Sandford Hall; £73.50 Mere Bank; £73.50 Dousgill Farm, Swaledale £69.50, £64.50 Well Head; £62.50 Dowthwaite Head; £59.50 Hude; £57.50 Poppin Cottage; £55.50 Uldale Farm, Rough Fell £67.50 Cocklake Farm; £55.50 The Old Mistle, Cheviot £66.50 Easegill Head; £66.50 F& R Farms Ltd.


Store Lambs

Texel £60.80 Yore House, Mules £51.80 Bridge End.