Lazonby Annual 4th Sale of Mule Gimmer Lambs

31st October 2018

On Wednesday 31st October 2018, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Annual 4th Sale of Mule Gimmer lambs along with Swaledale breeding sheep and tups.

Mule Gimmer lambs met a great enquiry with averages falling £4 on the year to £57.47 with more sold topping at £90 for a pair of black gimmers from Messrs Gate, Low House.

Swaledale ewes peaked at £80 for a pen of 5 crop ewes from Messrs Martin, Hesley Well.

A small entry of tups sold to £300 for a Bluefaced Leicester shearling from Messrs Lord, The Bog Farm.

A larger number of sheep were forward on the year with the females seeing a 100% clearance rate.

The final sale of the season for all classes of breeding sheep and store lambs is on Wednesday 14th November, please advise all entries by Wednesday 7th November.

Leading Prices
Gimmer Lambs:-Mule £90, £66, £63, £60 Low House; £82, £66, £63 Peasemyers Farm; £76, £70 (2) Gapshields; £67, £64 Low Farm; £66, £64 Howgill Castle; £61 Chapel House Farm; £60 Bayldon House; £60 Farney Shields, £60 Hammershields: Cheviot  £58 Milescott: Swaledale £42 Croft House (Armstrong).

Ewes:- Swaledale £80, £50 Hesley Well.

Shearlings:-  Swaledale £70 Dyke Nook Farm; £63 Swaledale Watch; £62 Broadmea Farm: Cheviot £60 Greenley Cleugh.