Lazonby Mule Gimnmer Shearling & Gimmer Lamb Show & Sale

8th September 2016

On Thursday 8th September Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their annual show & sale of Mule Gimmer Shearlings and Mule Gimmer Lambs within Lazonby Auction Mart, which drew an entry of 2,850 head.

This ted fixture was kindly sponsored by Brian Johnston Livestock Haulage and New Breed UK.

The pre sale judging was carried out by Mr Raymond Marston, Carlisle who had a strong line up of Shearlings to cast his expert eyes over, after much deliberation he awarded the Championship rosette along with the MJ Davidson Memorial Trophy to great supporters of the sale Messrs JJ & E Lawson & Son, Hundith House, Wigton with their very flashy pen of 15 which later went on to sell for £165 per head to WJ Fenemore Buckingham.

Shearling Show Results
1st & M J Davidson Memorial Trophy – JJ&E Lawson & Son, Hundith House
2nd       Messrs Harrison, Sceugh Farm
3rd        RB&JD Bousfield, Laypool Farm
4th        Messrs Harrison, Sceugh Farm

Then sale average was £141.41 which represents a rise of £10.30 up on the year for the same number sold, leaving all vendors delighted.

The sale topped at £171 for 15 great sorts from BR Davidson, West View, Penrith, which sold to regular buyers at the sale Phillip Dickinson, Morpeth.

Mule Gimmer Lamb number doubled on the year and topped at £130 for the first prize pen from RJ Bell, Scarrowmanwick, Carlisle.  Lambs met a great demand and averaged £94.81.

Gimmer Lamb Show Results
1st & Joe Armstrong Memorial Trophy – RJ Bell, Scarrowmanwick
2nd       CJ Peacock, Infield
3rd        JJ Armstrong, Croft House
4th        JJ Armstrong, Croft House

Leading Prices
Mule Shearlings
£171, £165, £158, £150 West View; £168 (2), £158, £157, £156, £155 (3), £154, £152 Sceugh Farm; £165, £150 Hundith House; £162 Milton Mains; £160, £153 Laypool; £157 Briggle Farm; £154, £151 Yew Tree Farm

Mule Gimmer Lambs – £130 Scarrowmanwick; £125 Croft House