Lazonby Opening Sale of Store Lambs

1st August 2012


Harrison & Hetherington held their opening sale of store lambs at Lazonby Mart where a wonderful entry of 820 lambs was forward.  Topping the sale at £70 was a great pen of Texel x lambs consigned by Messrs Lee, Lintley.  Mules topped at £56 for a pen from Messrs Athey, High Lovelady Shield.  A packed ringside of prospective buyers gathered to witness a great show of lambs considering the recent weather conditions.  Trade for all types was wonderful being dearer than many sales held so far and this resulted in prices received being above vendor’s expectations.  Many more could have been sold.


Leading Prices

Texel £70, £61 Lintley; £69, £61 Skelgill House; £67.50 High Lovelady Shield; £65 Croft House; £63 Randalholme; £60.50 Fieldgarth; £60 Black House, Beltex £68 High Lovelady Shield, Suffolk £67 High Lovelady Shield, Cheviot £58 Townfoot (Thompson), Mule £56 High Lovelady Shield; £55 Skelgill House; £54 Sanders Close; £53 High Side; £53, £50.50 The Bog Farm, Dorset £51.50 Colene Croft.