Lazonby Sale of Store Lambs

24th October 2018

On Wednesday 24th October, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store lambs within Lazonby Mart.

A total of 1512 sheep were present with all classes of sheep being 2-3 pound dearer on the previous sale.  Mule’s again were in strong demand and saw the biggest increase.

Topping the sale was a pen of Texel cross lambs from Messrs Richardson, Town Head, Milburn selling to the top price of £76.

A wonderful show of sheep were forward which saw Messrs Faulder, Ewan Close, Armathwaite selling a fantastic run of 50 sheep to average £68.

Mule were again in strong demand with the top price of £65.50 being achieved twice, firstly coming from Messrs Johnstone, Horsemoor Hill for a pen of 40 wonderful lambs and then from Messrs Hope, Sykeside, Knock.

A fantastic show of sheep was matched by a very respectable trade and a lot more could have been sold to the vendor’s advantage.

Leading Prices
Texel £76, £70, £64 Town Head; £74 (2), £67, £66, 63, £61.50 Ewan Close; £68 Black House; £65.50, £60.50 Croglin Low Hall; £65 Orchard Farm; £64, £61 How Nook: Mule £65.50, £53 Horsemoor Hills; £65.50, £52 Sykeside; £59 School House; £57 Lintley; £54.50 West Foreshields; £54.50 Highside Farm; £54 How Burn; £53 Broadmea; £53 Black House; £53 Thornhope; £50.50 Sandwick Farm: Beltex £60 Highfield Farm: Suffolk £57 The Mains; £53 The Ramblings: Swaledale £34 Sandwick Farm; £31.50 Sheepriggs; £28 Merryknowe; £28 Spanham; £27 Underbank.