Lazonby Sale of Store Lambs

9th October 2019

On Wednesday 9th October 2019 Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their special late season shoe and sale of 1,137 store lambs within Lazonby Auction.

The presale judging was kindly carried out by Mr Mark Wills, Dufton who awarded the championship to the first prize pen of continental cross lambs from Messrs Faulder, Ewan Close which went on to top the sale at £80 and sold to the judge. The presale show was kindly sponsored by Edgars Outside Catering.

Mule lambs sold to £57.50 for the first prize pen from Messrs Edmondson, Manesty.

A larger entry of swale lambs sold to a good demand topping at £38 from Messrs Brown, Bow Hall.

Continental and Suffolks averaged £59.44.

Show Results:-
1st  D Smith, Cross Close
2nd HJ Bell & Son, The Breaks
3rd A&J Richardson, Sheepriggs

1st R&V Edmondson, Low Portinscale
2nd F&M Moore & son, Highside Farm
3rd HJ Bell & Son, The Breaks

Continental Cross & Suffolk Cross
1st & Champion M Faulder, Ewan Close
2nd & Reserve Champion B Teesdale, Ling Cottage
3rd M Faulder, Ewan Close

Leading Prices

Beltex £80, £74(2), £69, £68.50, £67 Ewan Close; £72, £68 Ling Cottages; £70, £67 Fellside Farm: Texel £69 Ghyll House; £67, £65 Busk Rigg; £66 Lazonby Manor; £66 Black House; £65(2) Croglin Low Hall; £63 East Cottage; £62 Ingledene Farm; £61.50 The Mains; £60 East Cottage: Cheviot £63, £55 Croglin Low Hall; £52.50 Fellside Farm: Suffolk £63, £58.50, £56 The Mains; £55 Field Garth: Mule £57.50 Low Portinscale; £57, £54 The Breaks; £54 Highside; £53, £48 Bow Hall; £49 Black House: Swaledale £38 Bow Hall; £36.50 Sheepriggs.