Lazonby Store Lamb Sale

18th October 2017

On Wednesday 18th October 2017, Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of store lambs and feeding ewes at Lazonby mart seeing a catalogued entry of 1000 lambs with many more unentered turning up.

Trade proved very promising seeing lambs much dearer on the previous sale, with some lambs £6 up on the fortnight.

Demand was very strong seeing the trade topped at £71 a head twice firstly for a pen of 16 Texel cross lambs from Messrs Pattinson, Granary, then secondly for a pen of lambs from Messrs Makepeace, Black House.

Mule lambs where also in demand, topping at £59.50 for a strapping pen of 30 from Messrs Johnston, Horsemoor Hills.

Leading Prices

Texel £71, £69, £65 Granary; £71, £66, £64 (2) Black House; £70.50 Stone Raise; £68.50 Fairhill Farm; £67.50 The Mains; 367.50 Brackenthwaite; £67 Hudgill Rigg; £67 Field Garth; £65.50 Town Head Farm; £63 Stone Raise; £63 Fellside Farm: Suffolk £64 Dyke Head Farm; £62.50, £59 The Mains: Mule £59.50 Horsemoor Hills; £55 Coatlith Hill; £52.50 Laverock Bridge; £51.50 Hudgill Rigg; £50, £48 Highside Farm: Swaledale £34 Highside Farm; £33 Sandwick Farm; £33 Bertram Hill.