Lazonby Store Lamb Sale

15th August 2018

On Wednesday 15th August 2018,  Harrison and Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store sheep in Lazonby Mart which attracted a fantastic entry of 1,280 head, the sale averaged £57.40 which is 64 pence less than last years fixture.

The sale topped at £83.50 for a cracking pen of Texel cross lambs from Messrs Richardson, Underbank, Alston these were closely followed by another pen of Texel’s at £82 from Messrs Watson, Croglin Low Hall.

Suffolk lambs sold to £79 from Messrs Pollock, Basco Dyke Head Farm with Mules peaking at £57.50 for a great pen from Messrs Bell, The Breaks with the Mule section averaging £52.49 a head.

A large contingent of buyers are expected to be in attendance at our next sale, which includes the August show on Wednesday 29th August,  Please advise entries.

Leading Prices

Texel £83.50, £79, £67, £64 Underbank; £82, £69 (2) Croglin Low Bank; £72.50 Roachburn Farm; £66.50, £63 Millriggs; £64.50 Middle Farm; £64 Townfoot; £64 Basco Dyke Farm; £60 Ravenwood; £60 Cannerheugh: Suffolk £79, £68.50 Basco Dyke Farm; £70, £63 The Mains; £67 Ravenwood: Beltex £66.50, £64 Snowdrop: Charollais £64 Basco Dyke Head Farm: Easy Care £64, £59.50 Ashbank Farm: Mule £57.50 The Breaks; £57 The Bog; £56 Townfoot; £5550 Roachburn Farm; £52 Highside Farm; £51.50 Haining House Farm; £51 Moffat Cottage.