Lazonby Store Lamb Sale

29th August 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Lazonby Mart held their Annual show and sale of store sheep on Wednesday 29th August, which saw a tremendous run of 2,315 sheep presented for sale.

Mr Ben Winn, Low Farm, York had the tough task of judging the classes, but after tough competition he awarded the overall championship to the first prize pen of continental cross lambs presented by Marie Faulder, Ewan Close, Armathwaite.  These sheep later went on to peak the full run of sheep and topped the sale at £83.50 with the judge backing up his decision and securing the purchase.

The first and second prize rosette in the Suffolk class was very deservingly received by Messrs Pickthall, The Mains, Kirkoswald, seeing the first prize pen selling for £69 and the second prize making £65.

The Mules saw the largest demand and took the biggest proportion of the sale with 807 of the sheep being Mules.  The top price pen of Mules went to the first prize pen in the show from Messrs Swinbank, Brow Farm, Dufton who was also awarded the Joe Armstrong Memorial Trophy, these lambs later went on the sell for £66.50 for the pen of 25, with the full run of sheep averaging up at £56.17.

The show was very kindly sponsored by GW Hogarth, Agricultural Contractors, Glassonby and the following award were made:-

Class 1 – Suffolk Cross Lambs
1st        Messrs Pickthall, The Mains – £69
2nd       Messrs Pickthall, The Mains – £65
3rd        Messrs Pollock, Basco Dyke Head Farm – £61.50

Class 2 – Continental Cross Lambs
1st   & Champion M Faulder, Ewan Close – £83.50
2nd       M Faulder, Ewan Close – £74.50
3rd        W Lee, Lintley Farm – £72

Class 3 – Mule Lambs
1st & Reserve Champion    Messrs Swinbank Brow Farm – £66.50
2nd       Messrs Lord, The Bog – £57
3rd        G&C Neve & Son, Haining House – £60

Please advice entries for our next sale which is on Wednesday 12th September.

Leading Prices

Beltex £83.50, £74.50, £72.50 Ewan Close; £73, £66 Ghyll Croft; £71.50 Randalholme; £69 Demesne Farm: Texel £80, £69.50 Black House; £74.50 Ingledene; £72, £69.50 Lintley Farm; £70 Brow Farm; £69.50 Brackenthwaite; £68.50, £60.50, £59.50 (2) Demesne Farm; £67.50, £62 (2) High Fog Close; £67.50, £63 The Mains; £66.50 Townfoot; £65 Burthwaite; £64 Hudgill Rigg: Cheviot £71, £69.50, £66 Croglin Low Hall: Suffolk £69, £65 The Mains; £63 High Fog Close; £61.50 Basco Dyke Farm: Mule £66.50, £62, £59.50 Brow Farm; £60, £57 Haining House; £59.50 Lonscale Farm; £59 Ingledene Farm; £58 Lonning House; £58 Townfoot; £57 The Breaks; £57 The Bog; £57, £54.50 Roachburn Farm; £56.50 Randalholme; £55 Burthwaite: Charollais £63 Basco Dyke Head Farm.