Lazonby Store Lamb Sale

31st July 2019

On Wednesday 31st July 2019 Harrison & Hetherington held their opening sale of Store lambs in Lazonby which attracted a fantastic entry of 1122 lambs, a record for this sale.

The show of lambs forward were a true credit to the vendors and a massive ringside of buyers ensured they met a trade deserving of their quality. The sale averaged £56.57 which is £3.34 up on the year for 312 more sold.

The sale topped at £77 for a fantastic pen of Texel cross lambs from Messrs Lee, Lintley Farm, Slaggyford who’s run of 40 averaged £75.50.

Suffolk lambs sold to £65.50 for a cracking pen from M/s Pickthall, The Mains.

Mule lambs met a great demand with the sale average being £55.47. These sold to a top of £60.50 for an outstanding pen from M/s Emmott, Wythop Hall, Cockermouth.

More lambs will be required for our next sale on Wed 14th August.

Leading Prices

Texel £77, £75(x2) Lintley Farm; £76.50, £64.50 High Fog Close; £74, £71, £64, £60 Field Garth; £83 Ingledene Farm; £70, £68.50 Blunderfield West; £63 Westgarth Hill; £61 Cannerheugh Farm; £60 Townfoot; £60 Low Houses Farm: Suffolk £65.50, £60 The Mains: Mule £60.50, £56, Wythop Hall Farm; £59 Highside Farm; £56.50 The Bog; £55 Ingledene Farm; £54.50 Moffat Cottage; £54 Townfoot: