Lazonby Store Sheep Sale

17th September 2020

On Thursday 17th September Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store lambs which drew a fantastic entry of 1409 head.

Topping the sale at £107.50 were a pen of Hampshire cross lambs from Messrs Batey, Moorhouse Farm, Melmerby..

Texel cross lambs topped at £95 from Messrs Pearson, Fairhill Farm, Alston.

A great trade was achieved for all classes and sizes of store lambs once again here at Lazonby. Well over half the entry of lambs forward were Mule wethers with nearly all these being well into 4th and 5th draws plus and averaging £65.30.

Fresh buyers were in attendance who had travelled from Wales.

Leading prices:

Hampshire £107.50(x2), £85 Moorhouse Farm: Texel £95, £80 Fairhill Farm, £91 Staingills, £87 Lintley Farm, £86, £82 Granary, £85 Middle Farm, £84(x2),£83 Bow Hall, £80 Riverdale: Blue Texel £85 High Springfield Farm: Mules £81 Parson Shield, £75, £70 Nether Harsley Farm, £74.50, £70 Bow Hall, £73.50, £72 Rise Head, £71.50 Sandwick Farm, £70.50 Whitewall Farm: Suffolk £72.50, £67.50, £65 The Mains: Bluefaced Leicester £70 Nether Harsley Farm: Kerry Hill £69 Nether Harsley Farm: Swaledale £50. £48 The Breaks, £48 Meadow Flat: Herdwick £46 Brookside:


Swaledale £40, £24.50 Quarry Cottage, £30.50 Brow Farm: