Lazonby ‘Third’ Sale of Mule Gimmer Lambs

16th October 2019

On Wednesday 16th October at Lazonby Mart, Harrison & Hetherington held their annual third sale of 7672 Mule gimmer lambs.

This event was kindly sponsored by DW Toppin Ltd, and Davidsons Animal Feeds. The Judge, local mule enthusiast John Ackerley, Brampton awarded the Championship rosette along with the Mounsey Kidd Memorial Cup to Messrs PM & P Smith, Parsons Shield, Slaggyford with their leading pen of 10, which sold to the top price of £132, with Mr Ackerley backing his judgement and placing the winning bid.

Prize list
1st PM & P Smith, Parson Shield, Slaggyford, Brampton
2nd Kilnstown Farms Ltd, Kilstwon, Roweltown, Carlisle
3rd PM & P Smith, Parson Shield, Slaggyford, Brampton
4th RH & EM Lord, The Bog, Slaggyford, Brampton

l/r Champion Pen – John Ackerley (Judge) Peter Smith (Vendor), Peter Kidd (Sponsor), Pauline & Abi Smith (Vendors), Philip Dawson (Lazonby Branch Chairman)

The sale itself was a great success, with a packed ringside of buyers, all keen to secure lambs to run on for next year, with most of the sale selling upwards of £70 with ease.

A sale average of £75.01 was achieved overall, which shows a rise of £13.41 on last years fixture.

Many more lambs could have been easily sold, and entries are required for the fourth sale on Wednesday 30th October, with strong buyer interest already registered.

Leading price per head:
NEMSA £132, £100 Parson Shield, £125, £95, £92, £84, £80 Kilnstown, £100, £84, £80 Scarrowmanwick, £96, £85 The Bog, £90, £80 Keisley Farm, £84 Woodhouse Farm, £82 Haresceugh, £82, £80 (x2) Waterhouses, £82 High Park Foot, £81 Castle Nook, £80 Highside Farm, £80 Corsebank, £80 Green Close, £80 Low Farm, £80 Pease Myres, £80 Brampton Fell Farm, £80 Low Todholes, £80 Reaygarth, £80 (x2) Green Close, £80 The Breaks.

Non NEMSA £98, £85, £81 Gapshields, £94 Street House, £92 Meadow Flat, £88, £83, £80 (x3) Harbour Flatt, £88, £81 (x2) Howgill Castle, £88, £80 Cold Shields, £85, £82 (x2) Manesty, £83, £82, £80 (x2) Hesleywell, £83 Midtown Farm, £82 (x2) Hole House, £80 Well House, £80 Harsley Farm, £80 Hammershields, £80 Fawcett Park Farm, £80 (x2) Street House, £80 Hodgson Green Farm.