Lockerbie Annual Show and Sale of Suckled Calves

23rd October 2012

A marvellous show of 722 cattle were forward at the annual autumn calf show and sale held at Lockerbie Auction Mart.


At the pre-sale show, the judge Mr S Harrison, Luce Mains, awarded the Championship to Messrs SM Wharton, Snade, with a Limousin heifer which sold at £1140 (494kg).  Reserve Champion went to Mr D Brown, Mosshead, with a Limousin bullock which weighed 358kg and sold for £760.  Spring born suckled calves were very easily sold whilst weathered store cattle were slightly harder to cash. 




1st Messrs D Brown & Co, Mosshead

2nd Mr WD Wright & Son, Hunthills

3rd Mr WD Wright & Son, Hunthills



1st Messrs JM Wharton & Son, Snade

2nd Messrs JM Wharton & Son, Snade

3rd Mr WD Wright & Son, Hunthills


Leading prices per head – Bullocks: Limousin £1050, £900 (x2) Purdomstone, £1035 Westlanegate, £880 (x2), £875 Belridding, £870 (x5) Terrona, Aberdeen Angus £1020 (x2), £980 (x4), £890 (x2) Carrutherstown, £945 (x2) Glendearg, £880 (x10) Darlawhills, Charolais £960, £950 Barnglieshead, £890 (x3), £855 Westlanegate.



Heifers: Limousin £1140, £1000 (x2), £980 (x4), £960, £920 (x2) Snade, £980 Westlanegate, £870, £740  Glenzierfoot, £840 Belridding,  £840, £760 (x3) Penlaw, £830, £780 (x2), £740 (x2) Kirkhill of Dalton, £805 (x5) Purdomstone, £800, £770 New Hall, British Blonde £870 (x2), £795 Glenzierfoot, Charolais £825 (x5) Westlanegate.



Leading prices per kilo- Bullocks: Charolais £251.3p (x8), 236.1p (x5), 229.2p (x12)  Glenshimmerock Farm, 228.8p Dollard, 226.3p Gillespie House, Simmental 248.8 (x2) Dollard, Limousin 245.2p, 228.2p Mosshead, 236.4p (x4) Hunthills,  228.6p (x4) Cleuchfoot.


Heifers:  Charolais 247.6p (x9), 231.5p (x11), 229.2p (x2), 219.8 (x4) Glenshimmerock Farm, 228.4p Dollard, Limousin 230.8p, 227.4p (x4) Snade, 227.6p Mosshead, 219.9p Penlaw, Simmental 228.4p (x2), 223p (x2), 221p (x2) Dollard.