Lockerbie April Fair Day Show and Sale of Store Cattle

17th April 2018

On Tuesday, 17th April Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Annual April Fair Day Show and Sale of store cattle.

Yet again a great trade was met with an abundance of cattle. The first prize bullock was consigned by Messrs Goldie, Greenfields and sold to £1190, the second place bullock was another fantastic bullock from Messrs Ewart of Belridding which sold to £1090. Messrs Ewart also had a pen of 5 selling to the same price. Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold to £1140 for a pen of three from Messrs Paterson, Corriehills Farm, and Shorthorns peaked at £0165. Limousin sold to £1145 from Messrs Wilson, Belzies.

Top price per kilo in the bullock section was 286ppk for a pen of 5 Limousins from Messrs Ewart, Belridding.

Heifer were also an excellent trade, with the top price selling to £1340 from Messrs S & L Dodd, Tundergarth Mains.

Topping the Heifer section at 321.9ppk was a pen of 4 Aberdeen Angus from Messrs LR Howatson, Corriemains.

The next sale of store cattle at Lockerbie will take place on Tuesday 1st May.

Prize list:
1st IT Goldie, Greenfield, Cummertrees, Annan – £1140, 270.1ppk
2nd S Ewart & Son, Belridding Farm, Torthorwald, Dumfries – £1090, 250ppk
3rd S Ewart & Son, Belridding Farm, Torthorwald, Dumfries – £1050, 243.1ppk

1st S Ewart & Son, Belridding Farm, Torthorwald, Dumfries – £920, 240.8ppk
2nd G & J Wilson, Whitehill, Kirtlebridge, Lockerbie – £1040, 250.6ppk
3rd IT Goldie, Greenfield, Cummertrees, Annan – £1045, 280.2ppk


Champion: IT Goldie, Greenfield, Cummertrees, Annan – £1140, 270.1ppk

Reserve Champion: S Ewart & Son, Belridding Farm, Torthorwald, Dumfries – £920, 240.8ppk

Leading prices per head:
Heifers: Limousin £1340, £1290, £1155, £1120 Tundergarth Mains, £1135 Belzies, £1050 Keyla Park, £1040, £1000 Whitehill, £970 Maryfield, £950, £920 (x2) Belridding Farm, £925 Redding, £900 Kirkburn, British Blue £1120, £1030 Belzies, £1065 Dryfesdale Gate Farm, £900 Esbie Farm, £800 Laverockhall, Charolais £1045, £930 Greenfield, £1025, £980, £970, £920 Skipmyre Farm, £1000, £905 Gretna House, £910 Maryfield, Aberdeen Angus £950 Fulton, £850 Dyfesdale Gate Farm,Simmental £825 Victoria House, £820 Firthhead.

Steers: British Blue £1240 Belzies, Charolais £1190, £1140, £1050, £1040, £1015, £1010, £970 Greenfield, £1060 (x2), £1010 (x2) Maryfield, £1050 Corriehills Farm, £1020, £920 (x2), £900, £895 Relief Farm,  Limousin £1145 Belzies, £1090 (x2), £1070, £1050, £990, £950 Belridding Farm, £1040, £940 Maryfield, £1030, £1020, £970 Hunterhouse, £1010, £960 Whitehill, £950 Lawston Farm, £910 Laverockhall, £905 Cleuchhead, Aberdeen Angus £1140 Corriehills Farm, £1015 Maryfield, £990, £955 Newbigging, £945 Maxwellbank, £880, £875 Keyla Park,  Beef Shorthorn £1135 Corriehills Farm, Shorthorn £1065, £1045, £1040 Greenfield, Saler £1050, £1040, £1010, £990, £910 Greenfield, Simmental £1000 Victoria House.

Young bulls: Aberdeen Angus £1030 Firthhead.

Leading prices per kilo:
Heifers: Aberdeen Angus 321.9p, 218.6p Coriemains, 230.1p Gretna House, 223.1p, 215.3p Firthhead, 212.8p Kimmeter Green, 206.1p Fulton, Limousin 281p, 261p, 249p Reddings, 258p Penlaw, 243.6p Lawston Farm, 242.5p, 238p Belzies, 240.8p, 237.5p Belridding Farm, 239.8p, 237.7p, 235.3p, 230.2p Tundergath Mains, 236.8p, 233.6p Kirkburn Farm, 234.4p Cluechhead, 232.1p Maryfield, 229.9p Laverockhall, 226p Lawston Farm, 225.3p Keyla Park, Charolais 280.2p, 253.4p, 251.5p Greenfield, 258.5p, 239.6p, 238.2p, 237.2p Relief Farm, 246.2p, 245p, 237.1p, 236.4p, 235.1p, 233.2p Skipmyre Farm, 243.9p, 228.5p, 213p Gretna House, 215.6p Maryfield, British Blue 264.1p, 224.4p Belzies, 230.5p Laverockhall, 229p, 214.5p Kimmeter Green, 215.8p Esbie Farm, 212p Dryfesdale Gate Farm, Simmental 206.3p Victoria House, 203p Firthhead.

Steers: Limousin 286.1p, 272.3p, 255.8p, 250p, 243.1p, 226.2p Belridding Farm, 270p, 260p, 254p, 237p, 230p Penlaw, 264p, 241.3p Maryfield, 256p, 243p Hunterhouse, 252.8p Laverockhall, 247.4p Lawston Farm, 246.1p, 232.1p Cleuchhead, 239.3p Whitehill, Charolais 270.1p, 265.8p, 262.3p, 251.2p, 250p, 240.3p, 239.9p, 238.8p Greenfield, 262.1p, 262p, 259.4p, 258.9p, 250.5p, 250p (x2) Relief Farm, 238.2p (x2), 237.1p, 233.8p Maryfield, 233.3p Corriehills Farm, Saler 265.8p, 251.2p, 250p, 246.3p, 240.3p, 238.2p Greenfield, Aberdeen Angus 255.3p, 234p, 228.1p Newbigging, 248.2p Corriemains, 240.5p Corriehills Farm, 233p Heathfield, 227.2p Maxwellbank, 218.1p, 216.4p Esbie Farm, 217.8p, 198.9p Keyla Park, 216.9p Maryfield, British Blue 253.1p Belzies, 250p Kimmeter Green, 230.5p Esbie Farm, 226.8p Laverockhall, Shorthorn 250p (x2) , 232.5p, 221.3p, 202.5p Greenfield, Beef Shorthorn 228.8p Corriehills Farm, Simmental 215.2p, 211.9p Victoria House, Hereford 199.3p Copewood Farm.

Young Bulls: Aberdeen Angus 208p Copewood Farm, 200p Firthhead.