Lockerbie Primestock Sale

11th June 2012

Lockerbie Primestock Sale – 11th June 2012

At Lockerbie Mart on Monday 11th June, Harrison & Hetherington Limited held their weekly sale of Primestock. A larger quantity of stock was forward ensuring a better trade for all classes. More are required to meet buyers demand.

Leading Prices per head: Beltex £90 Woodburn House, £85.80 Supplebank, Texel £100, £97.50, £91.50, £89, £88.50, £86, £85.80 Skipmyre Farm, £93, £87, £86 Upper Tinwald Farm, £92.50 D’Mainhom, £88, £85.80, £85.50 Brocklerigg, £86, £85.50 Leithen Hall Farm, Suffolk £94, £90.50, £90, £88 Lawston, £85.50 Broomhills.

Leading Prices per kilo:

Beltex 236.8p Woodburn House, 221.1p Hoddamtown, 220p Supplebank, 212.5p Auchenkeld.

Texel 225p, 214.6p, 213.8p Brocklerigg, 222.4p, 215.1p D’Mainholm, 222.2p, 217.7p, 211.9p, 210.7p Skipmyre Farm, 213.9p Cleuchbrae, 212.2p Upper Tinwald Farm, 210.5p Leithen Hall Farm, 210p Hoddamtown.

Leading Prices per head: Holstein Friesian £895 Muirhouse, £745 Meinside, Limousin £885, £795 Chapelhill, British Blue £855 Pielmuir, Aberdeen Angus £785, £745 Darlawhills.

Leading Prices per kilo: Limousin 127.5p, 124.6p Chapelhill, Holstein Friesian 124.2p Mainside, Aberdeen Angus 122.9p Darlawhills.