Lockerbie Sale of Store Cattle

1st May 2018

On Tuesday 1st May Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle.

A tremendous show of cattle was met with a good ringside of buyers with trade being it’s strongest of the year so far.

Steers topped at £1240 for a British Blue from DA Wilson, Belzies, Lochmaben. Mr Wilson also sold Limousin steers up to £1240.

Simmentals sold to £1050 for a steer from W Ferrie, Newton Stewart. Shorthorns sold to £995 from IT Goldie, Greenfields and Aberdeen Angus to £960 from J Jardine of Newbigging. Heifers were also a great trade with A Ewart, Isle of Dalton gaining £1260 for a Limousin and DA Wilson getting the same money for a British Blue heifer.

Top ppk on the day was for Charolais from AJ McGregor, Relief Farm, Ecclefechan with a pen of 5 steers making 287.8ppk and a pen of 3 heifers making 280.3p. Aberdeen Angus steers topped at 278p from Taylor of Fingland and Limousin at 276.9p for a pen of 5 from Messrs Green, Thornthwaite.

The next sale of store cattle at Lockerbie will take place on Tuesday 15th May. Please advise entries to the auctioneers.

Leading prices per head:
Heifers: Limousin £1260, £950, £940 Isle of Dalton, £1200, £930 Whitstonehill, £1170, £1080, £1070, £1020, £905 Purdomstone, £1140 Belzies, £1130 Meikleholm Farm, £1130, £1035 Bridge End, £1020, £990 Whitehill, £1000 Cleuchhead, £990 Potholm, £900 Thorniethwaite British Blue £1260 Belzies Charolais £970 Maryfield, £870 Greenfield, £960 Potholm

Steers: British Blue £1240, £1200 Belzies, £935 Thorniethwaite Limousin £1240, £1220 Belzies, £1100 Cleuchhead, £1070, £1030, £1010, £940, £910 Thorniethwaite, £1040 Isle of Dalton, £950 Purdomstone, £940 Crossdykes, £935 South Balfern Simmental £1050 South Balfern Shorthorn £995 Greenfield Aberdeen Angus £960 Newbigging, £935 Potholm Charolais £875 Relief Farm

Leading prices per kilo:
Heifers: Charolais 280.3p, 278.8p Relief Farm, 252.2p Greenfield, 237.7p Maryfield Limousin 255.4p, 246.8p, 246.1p Isle of Dalton, 253.4p Meikleholm Farm, 242.6p Thorniethwaite British Blue 242.3p Belzies

Steers: Charolais 287.8p, 285.5p Relief Farm, 256.1p Greenfield Aberdeen Angus 278p Fingland, 259.3p Courstein, 258.5p Newbigging Limousin 276.9p Thorniethwaite, 276.6p Isle of Dalton, 276.3p, 258.9p Crossdykes Farm, 276.1 Relief Farm, 264.5p Whitstonehill, 264.5p Cleuchhead, 262.1p Greenfield, 259.7p South Balfern Simmental 261.2p South Balfern Beef Shorthorn 248.6p Crossdykes Farm