Lockerbie Show & Sale of Suckled Calves

15th October 2019

On Tuesday 15th October Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Annual show and sale of suckled calves at Lockerbie mart. With a fantastic ringside of buyers from all around the country and good support from the locals the trade for younger cattle in particular was highly desirable.

£1110 was top price of the day for a Limousin steer from R & S Ker, Justenlees. G & W Halliday, Crawthat also sold pens of Limousin steers to £1060 and £1010. Aberdeen Angus steers topped at £950 for a pen of 5 from W & WJ Jardine, Newbigging.

Heifers were also good to sell with Messrs Halliday selling a pen of 5 at £850 and a pen of 4 at £830. D Brown & Co, Mosshead Farm sold pens at £825 and £820.

The top pence per kilo on the day was 250ppk for a tremendous pen of 3 Limousins from WD Wright & Son, Hunthills. D & A Telfer, Cleuchfoot also sold a pen of 4 Limousin bullocks at 239ppk. Charolais bullocks topped at 238ppk from J McTurk, Mackilston. Heifers topped at 246ppk for a pen of 7 and a pen of 6 again from Messrs Telfer, Cleuchfoot. Overall the suckled calves maintained a great trade.

Please advise entries to the auctioneers for the next sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Mart, which take place on Tuesday 29th October.

Show Results

1st        D Brown & Co, Mosshead Farm
2nd      WD Wright & Son, Hunthills
3rd       WD Wright & Son, Hunthills

1st        D Brown & Co, Mosshead Farm
2nd      D Brown & Co, Mosshead Farm
3rd       WD Wright & Son, Hunthills

Overall Champion – D Brown & Co, Mosshead Farm
Reserve Champion – D Brown & Co, Mosshead Farm

Bullocks Average £758.79
Heifers Average £698.31

Leading prices per head:

Steers: Limousin £1110 Justenlees, £1060, £1010, £900, £895, £890(x2), £850, £830, £810 Crawthat, £1005, £1000, £940, £920 Purdomstone, £950, £880, £850, £850, £825, £820, £800(x2) Mosshead Farm, £805 Hopsrig, £800 Penlaw Aberdeen Angus £950 Newbigging, £900 Minsca Farm, £890 Darlawhill Beef Shorthorn £890, £800 Newbigging Simmental £870 Justenlees Charolais £870 Justenlees Hereford £860 Justenlees Shorthorn £800 Penlaw

Heifers: Limousin £1020, £900, £870, £840, £810, £775, £770(x2), £735, £710 Crawthat, £950, £755, £720, £700 Penlaw, £940, £890, £850, £800, £760, £750, £705 Valmar Investments, £940, £810, £810, £800, £790 Mosshead Farm, £880, £880 Purdomstone, £700 Cleuchfoot Farm British Blue £780 Justenlees Aberdeen Angus £760, £750 Minsca Farm Charolais £730 Justenlees

Leading prices per kilo:

Steers: Limousin 250p, 230.9p, 225.5p, 224.3p, 214.7p, 203p Hunthills, 238.1p, 233.4p, 223.8p Cleuchfoot Farm, 223.8p, 216.1p, 209.9p, 204.1p Crawthat, 223.2p, 220.3p, 211.7p Terrona, 219.3p, 217.3p, 210p, 200p Mosshead Farm Charolais 237.2p Mackilston Saler 229.4p Mackilston Aberdeen Angus 201.8p East Gallaberry

Heifers: Limousin 245.5p, 244.4p, 231p Cleuchfoot Farm, 233.3p, 213.8p, 207.3p, 203p Hunthills, 232.6p, 220.1p, 213.2p, 210.3p, 202.5p Mosshead Farm, 218.5p, 207.5p, 207p, 195.3p, 194.7p Crawthat, 200.4p, 193.3p Penlaw, 191.3p Purdomstone Charolais 213p Mackilston