Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

11th February 2020

On Tuesday, 11th February Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

A quality show of cattle was forward to a large ringside of buyers, with trade being well up from the previous sale.

Bullocks topped at £1170 for a 16 month old Limousin from Messrs Richardson, Purdomstone, who also sold others to £1165 and a pen of three to £1140.

Topping the price per kilo was Messrs MacGregor, Relief Farm with a Limousin bullock selling to 282.1ppk. Messrs Telfer, Cleughfoot sold a pen of 4 Limosuin bullocks to 256ppk and 255ppk.

Heifers reached £1150 for a pair of Limousins from Messrs Wilson, Belzies and to £1140 for a single from the same home.

Messrs MacGregor, Relief Farm also topped the heifer price per kilo section, again with a Limousin selling to 259.6ppk.

Younger cattle were well sought after with a 9 month old Limousin bullock from Messrs MacGregor, Relief Farm making 282.1ppk and Charolais bullocks selling to 253ppk from Messrs Spence, South Corrielaw.

With more cattle required to satisfy buyer demand, please advise entries to the Auctioneers for the next sale at Lockerbie Mart, which take place on Tuesday 25th   February.

Michael Stewart 07753 720323
Joel McGarva 07909 985770
Cameron Robertson 078362 33042

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin £1170, £1165, £1140 Purdomstone, £1130 Thorniethwaite, £1085 Belzies, £1045, £1030, £1000 (x2), £990, £920 Laverockhall, £940 Highlaw, £925 Meikleholm Farm, £900, £850, £830, £800 Relief Farm, £845 (x2), £795 Cleughfoot Farm, £845 Penlaw, £820, £815 South Corrielaw, Simmental £1090 Purdomstone, Aberdeen Angus £1030, £960 Newfield Farm, £760 Esbie Farm, Charolais £865, £760 South Corrielaw, Beef Shorthorn £800 South Corrielaw,

Heifers: Limousin £1150, £1140 Belzies, £1115, £11085, £1045, £950 Purdomstone, £1000, £860 Highlaw, £820 Terrona, £815, £810 Penlaw, £740 Relief Farm, British Blue £1055, £1035 Highlaw, £1030 Belzies, Beef Shorthorn £800 South Corrielaw, Charolais £770, £750 South Corrielaw.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin 282.1p, 266.5p, 227.1p, 220.2p, 202.5p Relief Farm, 256p, 255.5p, 243p, 242.8p Cleughfoot Farm, 250p, 220.8p Penlaw, 237.3p, 232.2p, 217p, 213.7p, 202p Laverockhall, 222.4p Meikleholm Farm, 212.7p Highlaw, 197.6p, 197.5p Purdomstone, 195.8p Belzies, 194.8p Thorniethwaite, Charolais 253.3p, 248.5p, 244.7p, 230.1p South Corrielaw, Aberdeen Angus 216.7p, 216.4p Newfield Farm, 203p Fingland, Beef Shorthorn 215.6p South Corrielaw.

Heifers: Limousin 259.6p, 243.1p, 221.1p, 216.4p Relief Farm, 240.1p, 211.9p Belzies, 237.3p, 233.3p, 224.9p Cleughfoot Farm, 232.8p Penlaw, 226.5p, 216p Terrona, 206.5p, 201.3p, 198p, 197.2p Purdomstone, 204.9p, 195.9p Highlaw, Charolais 239.1p, 230.1p, 211p South Corrielaw, British Blue 233p Belzies, Beef Shorthorn 215.6p South Corrielaw.