Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

10th March 2020

On Tuesday 10th March Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

The special March sale attracted a fantastic show of cattle with a scintillating trade to match.

Limousin bullocks topped at £1180 from DA Wilson, The Belzies, while Charolais bullocks reached £1070 from Messrs Hyslop, Maryfield. British Blues sold to £1015 again from Belzies. The same home also had British Blue heifers at £1160 and £1135. Heifers sold to a top of 261ppk from Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill.

Younger cattle were again highly sought after with Messrs Brown, Mossheads Limousin bullocks selling to 260ppk for a pen of three, and to 258ppk for a pen of two, and a pen of five. Charolais bullocks sold to 250ppk for a pen of four from Messrs MacGregor, Relief Farm.

Forthcoming sale at Lockerbie Mart:
Tuesday 24th March
Tuesday 31st March
Tuesday 14th April – Annual Fair Day

For further information please contact the Auctioneers.

Michael Stewart 07753 720323
Joel McGarva 07909 985770
Cameron Robertson 078362 33042

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin £1180 Belzies, Charolais £1070, £1010, £1000 Maryfield, £1040 Beyond The Brigg, £945 Relief Farm, British Blue £1015 Belzies, Galloway £990 Balgray Hill, Aberdeen Angus £975 Minsca Farm, Limosuin £940 Laverockhall.

Heifers: British Blue £1160, £1135 Belzies, Limousin £970, £940 Purdomstone, £900, £810, £790 Balgray Hill, £890 Newfield Farm, Charolais £920 Maryfield, £840 Glendearg.

Bulls: Hereford £800, Blonde £740 Todholes.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin 260.1p, 257.9p, 257.8p Mosshead Farm, 239.9p Terrona, 238.9p Belzies, 238.4p Hunthills, Charolais 250p, 241.1p, 240.1p, 238.8p Relief Farm.

Heifers: Limousin 260.9p, 235.1p, 219.4p Balgray Hill, 233.8p Penlaw, 221p Hunthills, British Blue 229.8p, 226.6p Belzies, Charolais 224.1p, 223p, 218.5p Glendearg.

Bulls: Blonde 193.7p Todholes, Hereford 191.4p Todholes.