Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

26th May 2020

On Tuesday 26th May Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle. With the sun shining and grass growing the younger cattle sold like hot cakes. Bigger cattle were also better again then the previous sale providing us with plenty of positivity for the summer months ahead. Due to high demand for cattle our next sale will be in 2 weeks’ time on 9th June.

Cattle topped at £1295 for a fantastic Limousin bullock from Messrs Dodd, Tundergarth Mains. Messrs Wilson, Belzies also had a topper of a Limousin bullock at £1265 and a British Blue bullock at £1175. Aberdeen Angus’ reached £1035 from Messrs Lockhart, Greenbeck and Charolais to £910 for young bullocks from Messrs Laurie, Carleton. Heifers topped at £1275 for a tremendous British Blue from Messrs Wilson, Belzies and the same good home had a Limousin heifer at £1190.  Black and white bullocks were also a flying trade selling up to £825 from Messrs More, Maxwellbank. Simmental heifers up to £1000 from Messrs McBryde, Lochbank. 12-month-old Charolais bullocks were up to 250ppk from Messrs Crew, Gall Farm and Aberdeen Angus were up to 243ppk from Messrs Taylor of Fingland. Simmental heifers up to 225ppk again from Messrs Crew, Gall Farm.

Overall trade was better again and the demand for cattle, grass cattle especially, is huge.  More are required for the next sale at Lockerbie, taking place on Tuesday 9th June. Please advise entries to auctioneer Joel McGarva 07909985770.

Leading prices per head:

Steers: Limousin £1295, £990 Tundergarth Mains, £1265 Belzies, £940 Penlaw British Blue £1175, £1095 Belzies Aberdeen Angus £1035 Greenbeck, £840 Fingland Charolais £910, £900(x2) Carteton Hereford £870 Keyla Park Holstein Friesian £825 Maxwellbank Staberlizer £775 Carterton Longhorn £750 Tundergarth Mains

Heifers: British Blue £1275 Belzies, £860, £845 Laverockhall Limousin £1190 Belzies, £995, £845 Laverockhall, £950, £915, £905, £850 Purdomstone Simmental £1000 Lochbank Farm, £810 Gall Farm Aberdeen Angus £960, £920 Greenbeck Blonde £855 Todholes Beef Shorthorn £750(x2) Penlaw Charolais £730, £710 Gall Farm

Leading prices per kilo:

Steers: Charolais 250p, 230.6p Gall Farm, 243.2p, 242.4p, 225p, 224.7p, 214.1p Carterton Aderdeen Angus 243.5p, 233.3p Fingland, 215.6p Greenbeck, 206.3p Copewood Farm Simmental 238.5p Craighousesteads Limousin 234.3p Belzies, 227.2p, 208.3p, 206.7p, 206.3p Tundergarth Mains, 208.9p Penlaw British Blue 228.1p, 217.6p Belzies Hereford 226.7p, 213.8p, 212.2p Kayla Park, 201.4p Copewood Farm Beef Shorthorn 219.4p Craighousesteads Longhorn 208.3p, 206.7p Tundergarth Mains Holstein Friesian 177.9p Maxwellbank

Heifers: Charolais 235.5p, 215.2p Gall Farm Limousin 232.3p, 225p, 208.3p Penlaw , 231.4p, 211.3p Laverockhall, 224.5p Belzies, 215.3p, 207.3p Purdomstone Simmental 225p, 209.1p Gall Farm, 212.8p Lochbank Farm, 211.1p, 206.3p Craighousesteads Blonde 213.8p Todholes British Blue 211.3p, 200p Laverockhall, 205.6p Belzies Beef Shorthorn 208.3p, 202.7p Penlaw Aberdeen Angus 200p(x2) Greenbeck