Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

23rd June 2020

On Tuesday 23rd May Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Mart. Trade remains very encouraging for all types of cattle and appetite extremely healthy amongst buyers.

Bullocks topped £1330 and heifers £1210 for a British Blue and a Limousin respectively from Messrs Wilson, Belzies. Aberdeen Angus’ sold up to £1295 from Messrs Henderson, Cleuchbrae Mill and Simmentals sold to £1085 from Messrs More, Maxwellbank. Charolais heifers sold to £880 from Messrs Goldie, Greenfield who also had Shorthorn bullock at 220ppk. British Blue bullocks were up to 233ppk from Messrs Johnston, Kimmeter Green. Limousin heifers sold up to 242ppk from Messrs Wilson, Belzies and Aberdeen Angus to 221ppk from Messrs Taylor, Fingland. Charolais heifers were up to 226ppk from Messrs Goldie, Greenfields.

With more cattle forward again on the fortnight trade was highly satisfying for all vendors. The next store cattle sale will take place in 2 weeks’ time on Tuesday 7th July. Please advise entries to auctioneer Joel McGarva 07909985770.

Leading prices per head:

Steers: British Blue £1330, £1220, £980 Belzies, £920, £840, £820 Kimmeter Green Aberdeen Angus £1295, £1200 Cleughbrae Mill, £870 Barwhanny Farm, £795 Esbie Farm Simmental £1085 Maxwellbank Limousin £1040 Cleughbrae Mill, £1000 Maxwelbank, £900, £850 Kimmeter Green, £880, £835 Barwhanny Farm Charolais £880 Kimmeter Green Salers £830, £795 Greenfield Beef Shorthorn £795 Greenfield Friesian £520 Copewood Farm

Heifers: Limousin £1210 Belzies Simmental £1040 Maxwellbank Charolais £880 Greenfield Beef Shorthorn £800 Greenfield Holstein Friesian £750 Barwhanny Farm British Blue £745 Kimmeter Green Aberdeen Angus £730 Fingland, £640 Esbie Farm Salers £720 Greenfield Hereford £690 Copewood Farm

Leading prices per kilo:

Steers: Charolais 244.4p Kimmeter Green British Blue 233.3p, 219p, 195.2p Kimmeter Green, 221.8p, 221.7p, 208.5p Belzies Beef Shorthorn 220.8p Greenfield Limousin 209.3p, 193.2p Kimmeter Green, 196.2p Cleughbrae Mill, 196p, 181.5p Barwhanny Farm, 181.8p Maxwellbank Aberdeen Angus 209.2p Esbie Farm, 207.1p Barwhanny Farm, 205.6p, 200p Cleughbrae Mill Simmental 193.8p Maxwellbank Friesian 148.6p Copewood Farm

Heifers: Limousin 242p Belzies, 134.3p Kimmeter Green Charolais 225.6p Greenfield Aberdeen Angus 221.2p Fingland, 170.7p Esbie Farm Beef Shorthorn 213.3p Greenfield Hereford 197.1p Copewood Farm Simmental 196.2p Maxwellbank British Blue 191p Kimmeter Green Holstein Friesian 182.9p Barwhanny Farm