Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

1st September 2020

On Tuesday 1st September 2020 Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store cattle at Lockerbie Mart.

A more varied show of cattle was met with continued demand.  Limousins sold for up to £1190 for bullocks from M/s Lockhart, Greenbeck. Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold to £1170 also from M/s Lockhart and £1125 from M/s Jardine, Newbigging.  Holsteins sold to £1000 and Norwegian Reds to £900.

Our next sale on Tuesday 29th September is the first of our autumn suckled calf sales please advise entries to auctioneer Joel McGarva 07909985770.

Leading prices per head

Steers: Limousin £1190 Greenbeck; £845, £710 Kimmeter Green Aberdeen Angus £1170, £1020 Greenbeck; £1125, £1095 Newbigging; £1090(x2), £1050(x2) £1030, £1010, £999, £980(x2), £750 Muirside Farm; £930 Maxwellbank; £810 Mill Pond Simmental £1060 Maxwellbank; £950 Muirside Farm Holstein £1000, £810, £785, £775 Muirside Farm Beef Shorthorn £1000, £870 Newbigging Norwegian Red £900 Mill Pond Hereford £825 Mill Pond British Blue £700 Kimmeter Green

Heifers: Aberdeen Angus £915 Maxwell bank; £790 Keyla Park; £79- Mill Pond, Hereford £900 Keyla Park; £600 North Howes Simmental £890 Maxwellbank Charolais £740 Kimmeter Green

Leading prices per kilo

Steers: Aberdeen Angus 219.9p, 212.3p  Newbigging; 216.2p, 213p 212.3p 208p, 204.4p(x2), 203.3p, 195.9p, 192.2p, 192p, 188.6p Muirside Farm; 214.3p, 200p Greenbeck; 208.8p Mill Pond; 203.9p Maxwellbank Limousin 218.9p Kimmeter Green; 217.9p Greenbeck Hereford 214.8p Mill Pond Simmental £212.4p Maxwellbank; 204.7p Muirside Farm Beef Shorthorn 194.2p, 190p Newbigging British Blue £190.2p Kimmeter Green Norwegian Red 189.1p Mill Pond Holstein 151.1p, 150.5p, 154.4p, 148.8p Muirside Farm

Heifers: Charolais 207.9p Kimmeter Green Hereford 205.9p Keyla Park; 178p, 171.6p143.9p 13 North Howes; Aberdeen Angus 205p Mill Pond; 200p Keyla Park; 193p Maxwellbank; Simmental 178.4p Maxwellbank;