Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

12th January 2021

Fantastic First Sale

Harrison & Hetherington held their opening fortnightly sale of store cattle of 2021 at Lockerbie Auction Mart on Tuesday 12th January which met with high demand and a tremendous trade throughout.

Aberdeen Angus bullocks topped at £1280 for a batch of strong cattle from Wintersceugh Farms; the same home also had Aberdeen Angus bullocks up to £1230 and £1110.  Limousins topped at £1220 from regular consignors, Messrs Richardson of Purdomstone.

Heifers topped at £1150 for an outstanding Limousin from Messrs Common of Crossdykes.  278p was the top PPK of the day for a pen of four ten month old Limousin stirks from  Messrs Glendinning, Newfield.  Messrs Robson of Laverockhall realised 256ppk for a pair of nine month old Limousin stirks weighing 394kg.
Some buyers still went home empty handed which bodes well for our next sale in two weeks time on Tuesday 26th January.

Sales Contacts:
Joel McGarva 07909 985770
Michael Stewart 07753 720323
Cameron Robertson 07836 233042

Leading prices per head
Steers:Aberdeen Angus £1280, £1230, £1110 Wintersceugh Farms; £1190 £1160 Crowdieknowe; £1085, £1070 Newbigging £950 Esbie Farm; £950 Newfield Farm Limousin £1220, £1145, £1130 (x2) Purdomstone; £1100, £1020 Crossdykes Farm; £1080 Newfield Farm; £1060, £1010 Laverockhall Charolais £1030 Newfield Farm; £960 North Corrielaw

Heifers:Aberdeen Angus £1280 Wintersceugh Farms; £1140, £1060, £1010 Crowdieknowe Farm; £1070, £950, £940 Newbigging; £990 Middlebiehill; £950, £940 Darlawhill Limousin £1150 Crossdykes; £1020, £950, £940 East Bowhill Farm British Blue £1045 Middlebiehill

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin 277.6p, 251.4p, 228p Newfield Farm; 256.3p, 242.6p, 217.3p Laverockhall; 236.2p, 232.1p, 223.7p, Crossdykes Farm; 226.6p Kimmeter Green; 214.8p Purdomstone Charolais 240p, 237.4p North Corrielaw; 236.2p Newfield Farm Hereford 233.2p Tinwald House; 231.1p East Tinwald House Aberdeen Angus 223.8p Wintersceugh Farms; 221.9p, 217p Newbigging; 215.4p Newfield Farm

Heifers:Limousin 228.2p, 207.9p Crossdykes Farm Aberdeen Angus 226.8p Hillhead; 223.8p Wintersceugh Farms; 217.1p Crowdieknowe; 216.6p Hillhead Charolais 218.4p, 213.1p  Kimmeter Green