Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

12th January 2016

On Tuesday, 12th January Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

The opening sale of store cattle had a super entry of 222 forward. At the pre sale show the judge, Miss Hannah Sloan of Riggheads Farm, awarded the Championship to a black Limousin bullock, which sold to 257.3ppk or £1060. Reserve Champion came from the same home and sold to £940 again for a Limousin steer.

Out with the show, cattle reflected the current prime cattle trade, with all classes well bid for, but were less money on the year. Bullocks sold to £1200 for a pen of Saler bullocks from Kirkhill Farms, Wamphray. Heifers sold to £1075 for an Aberdeen Angus also from Kirkhill Farms.  

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Saler
£1200, £995, £970 Kirkhall Farm, Blonde £1130, £1095, £970 Leithenhall Farm, Limousin £1100, £940, £930 Leithenhall Farm, £1090, £1070, £1000, £990 Purdomstone, £1070, £1030, £960 (x2), £950, £940 Belridding Farm, £1060, £940, £930 Haas Grove Farm, £1040, £960 Kilnkwe, £935 Pearsbyhall Farm, £930 Cleuchhead, Aberdeen Angus £1065, £1060, £995, £970 (x3) Kirkhill Farm, £1020, £960 Dunnabie Farm, £1000 Leithenhall Farm, £840 Kilnkwe, £800 Darlawhill, Simmental £970 South Corrielaw, £840 Craigdhu Croft, British Blue £960, £940, £880 Kilnkwe, £840 Penlaw, £810 Searigg Farm,Charolais £910 Kilnkwe, £900 Craigielandshill, £990, £810, £800 South Corrielaw, British Friesian £800, £690 Esbie Farm, Shorthorn £755 Craigdhu Croft, Hereford £715 Penlaw.

Heifers: Aberdeen Angus £1075 Kirkhill Farm, £1070, £925 Bridge End, £850 Maxwellbank, Limousin £1035 Belzies, £990 Leithenhall Farm, £955 Pearsbyhall Farm, £925 Bridge End, £920, £870 Haas Grove Farm, £920 Crossdykes Farm, £900 Purdomestone, £880 Belzies, £865 Penlaw,  Blonde £950 Leithenhall Farm, Simmental £885, £840 Maxwellbank, British Blue £800 Searigg Farm, £760 Haas Grove Farm, Charolais £760 (x2) South Corrielaw.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
257.3p, 232.5p, 231.5p, 212.6p Haas Grove Farm, 227.4p Newfield Farm, 220p Crossdykes Farm, 217.2p, 208.4p, 201.7p, 197.4p, 187.7p Belridding Farm, 216.5p, 183.6p Leithenhall Farm, 211.4p Whitehill, 211.3p Penlaw, 208.3p, 186.6p Purdomstone, 200.7p Pearsbyhall Farm, 191.2p, 186.4p Kilnkwe,  

Charolais 226.3p, 225.6p, 217.4p South Corrielaw, 225p Craigielandshill, Saler 216.4p South Corrielaw, 178.3p, 175p, 172.4p Kirkhill Farm, Aberdeen Angus 207.7p Craigielandshill, 199.5p Darlawhill, 183.4p Courstein, 182.5p Leithenhall Farm, 178.3p, 175.2p, 175p (x3) Kirkhill Farm, 178p Kilnkwe, 176.5p Dunnabie Farm, Blonde 205.8p, 185.1p, 173.8p Leithenhall Farm, British Blue 188.8p, 188.1p, 183.2p, 182.9p Kilnkwe, 172.7p Searigg Farm, 170.7p Penlaw, Simmental 188.7p South Corrieslaw, 176.5p Craigdhu Croft.

Heifers: Limousin 262.9p, 243p Haas Grove Farm, 222.2p, 195.3p 186.9p Crossdykes Farm, 209.5p, 180.7p Belzies, 207.1p Leithenhall Farm, 194.8p, 182.3p Purdomstone, 191p Pearsbyhall Farm, 189.6p Whitehill, 186.9p, 162.1p Penlaw, 165.2p Bridge End, Charolais 223.5p, 212p South Corrielaw, British Blue 199p Haas Grove Farm, 170.6p Searigg Farm, Blonde 185.5p Leithenhall Farm, Aberdeen Angus 175.1p Kirkhill Farm, 170.7p Maxwellbank, 169.4p, 164.6p Bridge End, 166.1p, 159.9p Copewood Farm, Simmental 174.3p, 163.9p Maxwellbank.