Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

23rd January 2018

On Tuesday, 23rd January Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their second sale of store cattle of the year at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

An excellent show of cattle was presented to a wide range of buyers, who travelled as far as Whitby and Aberdeen.

Top price bullock came from Messrs DA Wilson, Belzies with a pen of British Blues selling to £1225. Limousin sold to £1220 from Messrs Richardson, Purdomstone.  Peaking the pence per kilo was a consignment from WD Wright & son, Hunthills with a Limousin selling to 262.8ppk.

The top priced heifer was also consigned by Messrs DA Wilson, Belzies and sold to £1190, for a British Blue which was purchased by Messrs SI Carlisle, Nether Darvel. Charolais topped the pence per kilo at 250p from IT Goldie, Greenfields.

Bulls were also a good trade and topped at 243.5ppk for a Blonde from BW McArthur, Todholes, Annan and was purchased by Messrs J Jardine, The Yett.

Many more could have been sold to vendors advantage.  Please advise entries to the auctioneers for the next sale of store cattle at Lockerbie mart, which take place on Tuesday 6th February.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: British Blue £1225 Belzies, Limousin £1220, £1200, £1090, £1050, £1020 Purdomstone, £1195, £1030 Laverockhall, £940, £930, £910 Capelfoot, £940, £930, £920, £910 Mosshead Farm, £940 Newfield Farm, £910 Capelfoot, £890 Penlaw, £880, £870 Hunthills, £870 Greenfield, Charolais £1000 Craigielandshill, Shorthorn £990 Greenfield, Aberdeen Angus £850 Capelfoot.

Heifers: British Blue £1190 Belzies, Saler £1175 Greenfield, Charolais £1165, £1110, £1030 Greenfield, £1145 Corriehills Farm, Limousin £950 Crossdykes Farm, £920 Capelfoot, £865, £855, £850, £845 Corriehills Farm, £840 Mosshead Farm, £805 Terrona, Beef Shorthorn £900, £800 Crossdykes Farm, £855 Corriehills Farm, Aberdeen Angus £810 Corriehills Farm.

Bulls: Blonde £930, £730 Todholes.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin 262.8p, 262p, 255.5p, 251.4p, 241.4p, 240.6p Hunthills, 254.2p, 245.3p, 230.8p, 219.6p Mosshead Farm, 243.4p, 242.2p, 227.1p Capelfoot, 243.2p, 235.4p, 234p Penlaw, 241p Newfield Farm, 233.4p, 219.1p Laverockhall, 221.9p Greenfield,  British Blue 231.1p Belzies, 196.3p, 195.9p, 190.7p Kimmeter Green,  Charolais 220.8p Craigielandshill, Aberdeen Angus 216.8p Capelfoot, 196.9p Copewood Farm, Shorthorn 208.9p Greenfield.

Heifers: Charolais 250p, 230.2p, 211.1p Greenfield, 241.5p, 237.9p, 233.6p, 209.8p Carterton, 211.3p Corriehills Farm, Limousin 247.4p Crossdykes Farm, 244.7p, 221.8p, 210.3p Terrona, 241.4p, 234.8p Hunthills, 222.2p, 203p, 199.7p Capelfoot, 219.3p Mosshead Farm, 217p, 208.3p, 206.1p, 193.1p Corriehills Farm, British Blue 239p Belzies, Saler 231.3p Greenfield, Beef Shorthorn 209.4p, 200.9p Crossdykes Farm, Aberdeen Angus 192.9p Corriehills Farm, 183.8p Copewood Farm.

Bulls: Blonde 243.5p, 218.4p Todholes.