Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

20th March 2018

On Tuesday, 20th March Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

A superb entry of 426 store cattle met the dearest trade of the year so far with a large ringside of buyers in attendance.

Bullocks averaged 246.6ppk selling to a top of 287.6ppk for a Charolais bullock from Mr AJ MacGregor, Relief Farm, Ecclefechan. Limousins sold to 282.7ppk from Messrs S Ewart & Son, Belridding.

Topping the sale was Messrs WB Lockhart & Sons, Greenbeck with an Aberdeen Angus bullock which sold at £1165.

Heifers averaged 230.3ppk and to a top 273.4ppk for Charolais from Relief with Limousin from Belzies selling to 271.6ppk, Top price per head went to Belzies with a 522kg British Blue cross selling at £1285. Messrs J & D Glendinning, Bridgend, Eastriggs sold a Limousin heifer at £1270.

Leading prices per head:

Heifers: British Blue £1285 Belzies, £1135, £1005, £935 Dryfesdale Gate Farm Limousin £1270, £1110 Bridge End, £1180, £1100 Belzies, £1140, £1025, £920 Newfield, £1080, £1020, £920 Belridding Farm, £900 Cleuchhead Charolais £1105, £850 Corriehills Farm, £1025, £1020 Maryfield, £855 Glendearg, £850 Relief Farm Beef Shorthorn £1040 Corriehills Farm Aberdeen Angus £880, £790 Esbie Farm, £870 Minsca Farm, £845 Corriehills Farm

Steers: Aberdeen Angus £1165, £1115 Greenbeck, £1005, £920, £900 Minsca, £980 Esbie Farm Charolais £1135, £1115 Maryfield, £1110, £1140, £960, £940, £930 Relief, £1000, £920 Gelndearg Limousin £1080 Belridding Farm, £1080, £1030 Newfield Farm, £1010(x2), £960, £930 Balgray Hill, £950 Cleuchhead, £950 Relief Farm, £950 Capelfoot, £910 Hunterhouse, £900 Mosshead Farm British Blue £1010 Balgray Hill, £830 Penlaw, £800 Corriehills Farm Beef Shorthorn £835 Minsca Farm

Leading prices per kilo:

Steers: Charolais 287.6p, 273p, 270.1p, 266.3p, 262.3p Relief Farm, 273.8p, 270.6p, 269.8p, 266p, 259.6p, 258.2p Glendearg Limousin 282.7p Belridding Farm, 270.1p, 258.3p Relief Farm, 268p, 253.5p, 252.9p Mosshead Farm, 265.1p Capelfoot, 252.5p Newfield Farm Aberdeen Angus 257p, 248.6p, 243.9p Minsca Farm, 252.6p, 226.2p Corriemains Shorthorn 241.7p Meikle Whitriggs British Blue 233.8p Balgray Hill, 224.3p Penlaw Beef Shorthorn 225.7p Minsca Farm

Heifers: Limousin 273.4p, 248.1p, 240.6p Relief Farm, 271.6p, 265.8p Belzies, 251.9p, 238.9p, 238.3p Belridding Farm, 249.5p, 241.2p Balgray Hill, 241.7p Newfield Farm, 239.9p Penlaw, 239.4p Cleuchhead, 238.9p Terrona Charolais 259.5p, 253p Relief Farm, 256.4p, 247.6p, 241.5p Glendearg, 230.9p Maryfield  British Blue 246.2p Belzies, 212p, 210.3p, 207.1p Dryfesdale Gate Farm Beef Shorthorn 219.4p Corriehills Farm Aberdeen Angus 215.1p, 212.6p Corriemains, 209.1p, 205.6p Minsca Farm, 202.8p Esbie Farm Shorthorn 204.5p Meikle Whitriggs