Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

15th May 2018

On Tuesday, 15th May Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

A superb entry of store cattle and with signs of grass, resulted in a flying trade. Bullocks sold to £1330 from Messrs G & W Halliday, Crawthat, with a pen of 10 month old Limousins scaling 374kg and sold to 288.8ppk or £1080.

Heifers peaked at £1240 also for a Limousin from Messrs DA Wilson, Belzies and to 289.7ppk for a Blonde from Mr B W McCarthur, Todholes.

The next sale will take place on Tuesday 29th May and early entries are invited.

87 Bullocks averaged 243ppk
105 Heifers averaged 222.95ppk

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin £1330, £1195, £1175, £1150, £1110, £1090, £1080, £950 Crawthat, £1150, £1130 Belzies, £1115 Cleuchhead, £1090, £1075 Redhall Farm, £1000, £930 Lochbank Farm, £960 (x4) Capelfoot, British Blue £1200, £1010 Belzies, Charolais £920 Maryfield, Aberdeen Angus £895 (x2) Maxwellbank.

Heifers: Limousin £1240 Belzies, £1190, £1180, £1120, £1060, £1030 (x2), £945, £940 (x2), £930 Crawthat, £1160, £1070 Crossdykes Farm, £1035 Laverockhall, £1000 Hunterhouse, £960, £925 Cleuchhead, £920, £885 Maryfield, £885, £880 Redhall Farm, Blonde £1095 Todholes, Charolais £910 Maryfield.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin 288.8p, 279.1p, 262.4p, 239p , 237.5pCrawthat, 281.8p, 260.4p, 243.8p Lochbank Farm, 243.6p, 242.5p Belzies, 241.7p, 237.9p, 231.7p Redhall Farm, 237.4p Laverockhall, Aberdeen Angus 248.2p, 244.1p, 237.5p, 231.3p Courstein,  British Blue 245.9p, 236p Belzies, Charolais 230.6p Maryfield.

Heifers: Blonde 289.7p Todholes, Limousin 270.4p, 254p, 246p, 245.8p, 241.8p, 237p Cawthat, 261p Crossdykes, 254p, 236.3p, 232.6p Laverockhall, 246.3p Hunterhouse, 243.8p Redhall Farm, 241.2p Belzies.