Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

30th October 2018

On Tuesday 30th October Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

A small show of cattle was met with a healthy trade, Bullocks topped at £1170 from Messrs Wilson, Belzies while heifers sold to £1125 from the same good home.

Many more cattle could have been quite easily sold. Please advise entries to the auctioneers for our next sale on Tuesday 13th November.

Leading prices per head: Steers: British Blue £1170 Belzies, £800 Laverock Bank  Charolais £870 Potholm Aberdeen Angus £755, £715 Esbie Farm
Heifers: British Blue £1125 Belzies Charolais £870 Potholm Limousin £750 Laverock Bank Aberdeen Angus £730 Fingland

Leading prices per kilo: Steers: British Blue 207.4p Belzies, 186p Laverock Bridge Charolais 198p Potholm Aberdeen Angus 177.6p, 157.5p Esbie Farm
Heifers: British Blue 216.3p Belzies Charolais 208p Potholm Limousin 182p Laverock Bridge Aberdeen Angus 175.9p Fingland