Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

5th February 2019

On Tuesday 5th February Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their fortnight sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Auction Mart.

115 store cattle were presented to a healthy ringside of buyers who despite the primestock trade were bidding keenly. Limousin bullocks sold to £1130 for a wonderful pen of cattle from Messrs Wilson, Whitehill. Messrs Henderson, Cleuchbrae Mill also had a good trade for 4 Limousin bullocks at £1050 per head. Aberdeen Angus bullocks topped at £890 for a pen of 12 from Messrs McKerrow, Darlawhills. Heifers topped at £1140 which was one of a brilliant run of cattle from Messrs Green, Thorniethwaite. Messrs Wilson, Whitehill also sold heifers to £1130.

Younger cattle were also a strong trade with Messrs Porteous, Penlaw selling a 9 month old Limousin bullock for 266.7ppk and Messrs Telfer, Cleuchfoot Farm’s pen of 3 making 254.8ppk.

With more cattle required to satisfy buyer demand, please advise entries to the Auctioneers for the next sale at Lockerbie Mart, which take place on Tuesday 19th February.

Leading prices per head:
Heifers: Limousin £1140, £1080, £970(x2), £925, £880 Thorniethwaite, £1130, £965 Whitehill, £950 Mosshead, £840 Terrona Beef Shorthorn £850 Mosshead Farm British Blue £840, £760 Laverockhall Charolais £730 Craigielandshill
Steers: Limousin £1130, £990 Whitehill, £1050 Cleughbrae Mill, £940, £880, £860 Penlaw, £900, £835 Mosshead Farm, £810, £800 Cleughfoot Farm Aberdeen Angus £890 Darlawhill Blonde £880 Todholes
Bulls: Blonde £950 Todholes

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin 266.7p, 244.8p Penlaw, 254.8p, 225p, 214.3p, 205.4p Cleuchfoot Farm, 203.2p, 201.2p Whitehill Aberdeen Angus 206.5p Darlawhill Shorthorn 182.3p Meikle Whitriggs
Heifers: Limousin 225.9p, 214.1p, 211.9p, 203.8p, 196p Thorniethwaite, 219.7p Laverock Hall, 210.8p Whitehill, 208.4p Terrona, 204.2p Mosshead Farm, 200.7p Cleuchfoot Farm British Blue 193.8p Kimmeter Green, 181p(x2) Laverock Hall
Bulls: Blonde 189.2p Todholes