Middleton in Teesdale Opening Sale of Store Cattle

16th January 2018

On Tuesday 16th January Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Middleton-In-Teesdale Mart held its opening New Year sale of 76 store steers and heifers.

Wintery conditions didn’t affect the sale and many more could have been sold to vendor’s advantage.  A packed ringside of buyers were present ensuring trade was brisk and cattle were well bid for.

Topping the sale was an outstanding Limousin steer from JE & AJ Mitchell of Parrick House selling to GR & SK Meek, Ponteland for £965.  In the British Blue section a price of £960 was achieved from JC & J White, Rigg Farm selling to JA Drake, Bradford for a wonderful steer.

Topping the heifers was again a Limousin, this time presented from N & A Bainbridge, Laneside which sold to AD & A Richardson, Appleby for £900.

We invite entries for the prize show and sale of store cattle which is on Tuesday 13th February, entries closing on Monday 5th February, please contact Kay Hutchinson on 07788 296533.

Leading Prices
Steers – Limousin £965, £940, £875 Parrick House Farm; £950, £935 New House; £930, £910, £870 Laneside; £920, £900, £885 Force Garth; £920 Wythes Hill; £915, £870 Brockersgill Farm; £910 Low House; £900, £880, £870 (2) Pallet Cragg Farm; £890 (2) Rigg Farm: British Blue £960, £880 Rigg Farm; £910 Parrick House Farm: Charolais £930 Low House: Blonde £900 Friar House Farm; £840 Valance Lodge.

Heifers – Limousin £900, £875 Laneside; £895 Wythes Hill; £840 Brockersgill Farm; £840, £810 Palletstone Farm; £795 Force Garth; £795 Pallet Crag Farm: British Blue £870, £830 New House: Blonde £860, £785 Valance Lodge.