Middleton in Teesdale Swaledale Gimmer Lamb Show & Sale

21st September 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Annual Prize Show and Sale of 6100 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs at Middleton in Teesdale on Friday 21st September.

The largest sale of its kind in the country saw another marvellous entry despite the hard Spring and dry Summer.

The quality of sheep on offer was a tremendous credit to the breeders both local and travelled who recognise this sale as one of the highlights of the Swaledale sheep sales diary. Lambs were shown in tremendous bloom although, understandably, just lacking the strength of last years’ entry.

Trade for top draws remained extremely buoyant from start to finish, smaller sorts found a home at a more realistic value.

The sale was topped at £200 very late in the day by a marvellous pen of 10 from young Swaledale enthusiast JL Archer, White Hill Farm, Sparty Lea, Hexham, which were purchased by Howard Farms, High Studdon, Allendale.

The sale average levelled at £63.14, £10 less on the year with a 97% clearance.

Prior to the sale the show was judged by Richard Greenwood, Newlands Farm, Low Bradley, Paul Brown, Oak House, Ravenstonedale, with Alan Graham, Wydoncleughside, Greenhead acting as referee.

Their awards were as follows;
1st Prize and winners of the Stan Davis Perpetual Trophy for the best pen of 10 (confined to “A” District) was awarded to Messrs F & MP Allinson & Son, West Briscoe which went on to make £180 and were purchased by Messrs Mason, Keasdon Head.

Champion Pen shown by F & MP Allinson & Son, West Briscoe which went on to sell for £180

2nd Burncroft Farms £125 to P Brown, Oak House.
3rd M Ewbank, Intake Farm £140 to S Bolton, Hindsclough Farm
4th AE Iceton & Sons, High Birk Hatt £160 to J Staley, Frenchgate
5th D&EN&ID Brown, Lummas House £120 to E Haughey, Ballymena

The Show was kindly sponsored by P Seedhouse, John Warren ABP, Jameson and Shearwell Data.

Top Prices
£200 White Hill Farm, £180 West Briscoe, £160 High Birk Hatt, £145 Rigg Farm, £140 Valley Farm, Long Green, £134 Intake Farm, £130 Burncroft Farm, Oakbank Farm, Dousgill Farm, £125 Summer Lodge(JWP), Flakebridge Farm, Burncroft Farm, £122 Birch Bush, Long Green, £120 Lummas House, High Birk Hatt, Eller Gill Barn, £115 High Beck Head, Dousgill, Lainger House, £112 Valley Farm, Arngill House, Tennant Gill Farm (x2) Summer Lodge(WJP),Birch Bush, £110 West Briscoe, Bowlees Farm(x2), Punchard Farm, Naby View, £108 West Briscoe, Garnthwaite, Punchard Farm,£106 Pallet Crag Farm, Summer Lodge(JWP), Lainger House,£105 Burncroft Farm, Birch Bush, Thwaite Bridge House, High Blackton Farm, £102 Rigg Farm, Summer Lodge(JWP), £101 Valley Farm, £100 Stanhope Gate Farm, Long Green(x2),Burncroft Farm, Bail Hill, Tennant Gill Farm, Naby View Farm, £99 Birch Bush, £98 Rigg Farm, Pennine View, High Birk Hatt, Summer Lodge(WJP), Argill House, £97 High Birk Hatt, Long Green, £96 Argill House, Green Rigg, £95 Ettersgill House, Lainger House, Valley Farm, High Draymans Farm, West Briscoe, Punchard Farm, £94 West Briscoe(x4), Summer Lodge(JWP), £93 Argill House, £92 Bowlees Farm, High Beck Head(x2), Rakefoot, Bollihope Shield, Ash Dub, Bail Hill, West Briscoe, £91 Poppin Cottage, £90 West Briscoe, High Blackton Farm, Punchard Farm, West Stoney Keld, Stanhope Gate Farm, Flakebridge Farm.