Middleton in Teesdale Swaledale Ram Sale – ‘A’ District

14th October 2020

The 103rd Great Annual Sale of Registered Swaledale Rams and Ram Lambs was held at Middleton in Teesdale Mart on behalf of the Swaledale Sheep Breeders Association “A” District on Wednesday 14th October.

In accordance with Covid-19 advice there was no show held.

Shearling rams with strength and quality met a very keen enquiry.

The sale was topped at £17,000 (lot 210) from Messrs L Smith & Co, Roachburn with ‘Roachburn Prince’, purchased by TW Cowperthwaite, Tennant Gill Farm, Malham Moor, Settle.

Next was ‘West Briscoe Rockafella’ (lot 133) from Messrs F&MP Allinson, which made £14,000 and was purchased in a three-way share by Messrs MR&LE Rukin, Gatehouse, Messrs JR Rukin, Park Lodge and Messrs J Allison & Son, Seal Houses.

At £10,000 came ‘Priorsdale Eric Prydz’ (lot 40) from Weardale Estates, Ashgill, he sold to Messrs R Hutchinson & Son, Valley Farm and Messrs AD&P Coates, Aygill, with Weardale Estates retaining a third share.

Messrs D&EM&ID Brown, Lummas House sold ‘Lummas Sizzler’ (lot 201) for £9500 to AM Walton, Bowlees in a half share with MW Dent, Wythes Hill.

Messrs DC&KL Hutchinson, Old Spittal, sold ‘Bedlow Illusion’ (lot 17) for £7000 to Messrs JRD&JA Short, Ouston, Whitfield.

‘West Briscoe Requin’ (lot 132) from Messrs Allinson sold to William Ridley, Wood Hall, Hesket Newmarket for £6500.

£5800 was reached twice, firstly for (lot 188), ‘High Birk Hatt PL 7th ‘ from Messrs AE Iceton & Sons, selling to JH Emerson, Hag Gate Farm, followed by (lot 200), ‘Gunnerfleet Cockbain King’ from J Handley selling to Mr A Dalton, Glenhill, Allendale.

‘Roachburn Viceroy’ was next at £5000 (lot 213) from PJ Smith, selling to JR Dalton, South Wellhope.

‘Stoneyhill Lazarus’ (lot 70) from EH Watson & Son, Stoney Hill, Harwood made £4500 and sold to Mr J Nattrass, Shieldhill Top, Garragill.

Other Top Prices (Shearling Rams)
Lot 136 West Briscoe Ringleader £3800 to Messrs Wilkinson, Bollihope Shield
Lot 134 West Briscoe Rhino £3600 to Messrs Gowland, Woodbine House
Lot 137 West Briscoe Ramses £3500 to D Collingwood, Intake
Lot 106 Wythes Hill Just Nice £3200 to Messrs Walton, Low Kinmont, Millom
Lot 109 Greets Odd Job £2700 to Messrs Dent, Wythes Hill
Lot 160 Naby Twister £2600 to GJ Taylor, Wickworth Cottage
Lot 23 Rigg Mason 18 £2500 to Messrs Taylor, Wethercote Farm, Keasdon
Lot 93 Valley Invasion £2500 to Messrs Walton, Low Kinmont
Lot 215 Beck Head Ace 9th £2250 to Benson Wemyss Farms
Lot 195 Garnthwaite Domingo £2200 to Messrs Johnson, Wolfhills
Lot 55 Ash Hill Valley 1st £2200 to Messrs Dowson & Sartin, Battle Hill Farm
Lot 135 West Briscoe Rugged £2200 to AV Caton, Otterburn Lodge, Skipton
Lot 128 Barras Line £2100 to Tarn Bros, Step Ends
Lot 94 Valley Impact £2000 to Messrs Iceton, High Birk Hatt
Lot 30 Rigg 2nd Mason 7th £2000 to Messrs Graham, Hunt House
Lot 102 Blunt House Nelly £2000 to Tarn Bros, Toft House

Ram Lambs sold to £1600 and £1400 (lots 239 and 233) from Messrs R Marwood & Sons, Hill Top Farm purchased by Messrs Allinson, West Briscoe & JL Archer, White Hill Farm respectively.

Two lambs sold for £1200, the first from Burncroft Farm, selling to Richard Tiplady, Red House Farm, and the second from Messrs Marwood purchased by Messrs Fox, St Johns Kirk, Biggar.

Other Top Prices (Ram Lambs)
Lot 236 £600 Messrs Marwood
Lot 235 £500 Messrs Marwood
Lot 232 £500 Messrs Marwood
Lot 231 £500 Messrs Marwood
Lot 227 £400 Burncroft Farm
Lot 262 £350 Mr LA Sunter
Lot 229 £350 Burncroft Farm
Lot 237 £300 Messrs Marwood

Aged Rams sold to £450 from Messrs Bell, The Pry

Sale Averages:
167 Shearling Rams average £1150.20 (+£175.50)
27 Ram Lambs average £405.56 (+£405.56)
8 Aged Rams average £162.50 (- £121.50)