Middleton NEMSA Mule Gimmer Lambs

18th September 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Annual Sale of NEMSA Mule gimmer lambs within Middleton in Teesdale market on Wednesday.

A good entry of 3000 lambs were forward to a ringside from near and far. The pre-sale show was much anticipated with a record number of pens forward for showing. The responsibility for judging fell to long time Mule enthusiasts Mr John Ackerley and Mr Alister Cook, West Lothian with local man Steadman Dodd acting as referee.

Prize List
1st & Champion – C & R Metcalf, Park House Farm, Barningham, Richmond
2nd – C Hodgeson, Hill House West, Westgate
3rd – MW & E Dent, Wythes Hill, Lunedale, Barnard Castle
4th – JE & AJ Mitchell, Parrick House Farm

Champion Lambs l/r Alastair Cook (judge), Sponsor Carrs Billington, John Ackerley (judge), Clive Metcalf (vendor)

Topping the sale was a pen from Messrs White, Rigg Farm selling for £162 to Mr Roger Graves, Carlisle. The Champion lambs from Mr Clive Metcalf went on to make £135 and sold to the judge Mr John Ackerley. A good show of lambs was forward with runner lambs being described as the dearest so far this season. A big thank you to our sponsors, vendors and purchasers and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season.

Leading Prices: £162, £132, £100, £89, £85, £84, £81 Rigg Farm, £140, £97, £93, £79 Wythes Hill, £135 Park House Farm, £120, £80 Hill House West, £107, £86 Nabb Farm, £104, £80, £79 Parrick House Farm, £100, £80, £79 High Beck Head, £100, £79, £76 Barningham, £98, £86, £78 Pikestone Farm, £97, £77 Pallet Crag Farm, £88, £80 Step End Farm, £87, £80(x2) Friar House Farm, £85, £80 West Friar House, £85 Palletstone Farm, £84 Strand Foot, £81, £76 East Friar House Farm, £76 Sunnybrae, £76 Grains O Beck