Middleton Store Cattle Sale

12th March 2019

On the Tuesday 12th March, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, held their monthly Store cattle sale at Middleton in Teesdale Mart.

A good show of 100 store cattle were forward which were met by a strong ringside of buyers who were a little more selective in what the bid at.

Topping the sale was a large British Blue cross bullock from Messrs Scott, Newbiggin in Teesdale for the price of £1020 with the vast amount of stores forward aged between 7-8 months cattle sold well over the £850 mark on regular occasions.

Topping the Limousin was a bullock from Messrs Walton, Holwick selling to the price of £980 to Mr Baxter.

Heifers topped at £990 for a black heifer from Messrs Dent, Lunesdale selling to Mr Richardson, Appleby.

A good show of cattle were forward making a pleasant trade throughout.

A lot more could have been sold to the sellers advantage.

Any further sales please contact Kay on 07788 296533 or Joe on 07736 883670.

Leading Prices
HeifersLimousin £900 Wythes Hill; £950 Ettersgill House; £940 Hayberries; £940 Ash Dub; £920, £870 Parrick House Farm; £870 Friar House Farm; £860(2) Laneside; £845, £835, £830(2) Step Ends Farm; £810(2) New House: British Blue £835 Step Ends Farm:

Bullock – Limousin £980, £930, £900 Hield House; £975, £920 Wythes Hill; £965, £900(2) Ettersgill House; £935, £865 Parrick House Farm; £930 Bail Hill; £920 Ash Dub; £890 Cronkley; £855(2) Strand Foot: British Blue £1020 Low House; £900 Parrick House Farm: Simmental £845 New House: Shorthorn £835(2) Pikestone Farm: Charolais £800 Force Garth.