Middleton Store Cattle Sale

9th April 2019

On Tuesday 9th April, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, held its April Sale of store cattle at Middleton in Teesdale Mart.

With the weather fine the market was met with a fantastic trade throughout with buyers both old and new coming with determination to buy cattle.

Topping the sale was a wonderful steer from Messrs Robinson, New Houses selling this Limousin to the price of £1070. A similar steer, this time from Messrs Watson, Stoney Hill was also bid to the price of £1020. Topping the heifers was a Limousin from Messrs Watson, Stoney Hill for the price of £930.

With the majority of cattle being aged between 8-9 months most sold well over the £900 mark. A lot of new faces made all classes dearer than other centres.

Please can all entries for the special show and sale on May 7th be entered via Kay (07788 296533) or Joe (07736 883670) by Monday 29th of April.

Leading Prices

Bullock – Limousin £1070, £980, £935, £930, £915, £905, £900, £890, £880 New House; £1020, £1010 Stoney Hill; £1010 Hield House; £1000, £990, £925, £900 Parrick House Farm; £940, £920 Strand Foot: British Blue £910 Strand Foot: Blonde £880 Valance Lodge.

HeifersLimousin £930, £890, £885, £880 Stoney Hill; £900, £840 Parrick House Farm; £860(2), £850 New House; £855 East Park Farm: British Blue £865 Parrick House Farm: Blonde £855 Hield House; £845(2) Valance Lodge.