Newcastleton Sale of Store and Breeding Sheep

23rd September 2016

At Newcastleton Mart, on Friday 23rd September, Harrison and Hetherington held their annual sale of store and breeding sheep.

A small number of entries attracted a good ringside of buyers, with many leaving empty handed.

The breeding sheep section topped at £70 per life for a consignment of Mule gimmer lambs from Messrs K McGimpsey, The Hollows, Canbie. Blackfaced ewe lambs topped at £62 for a tremendous pen from Messrs M Dalgleish & J Waugh, The Crew, Roadhead.

Store Lambs met a buoyant trade of £52 for a pen of Mules from Messrs RJ & DG Telford, Hole of Lyne, Roadhead. Blackfaced lambs topped at £36.50 from M Dalgleish & J Waugh, The Crew.

All vendors left please with the day’s trade and many more lambs could have been sold.