Newcastleton Two Day Annual Sale of Blue Grey Cattle

23rd October 2019

On Tuesday 22nd October, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Great Annual Special sale of Blue Grey heifers and Wednesday 23rd saw Blue Grey, Galloway and Continental bullocks go under the hammer at Newcastleton Mart.


A catalogued entry of 608 Blue Grey heifers attracted a large crowd of buyers from as far north as Inverness, and as far south as Cornwall. A buoyant trade was received for all classes of stock throughout.

Heifer with calves at foot led the day’s trade at £1900 for a Blue Grey heifer with Aberdeen Angus cross calf at foot from Messrs TR & KM Wallace, Farney Shields, Hexham.

Leading the in calf heifer section was also Farney Shields, with heifers in calf to the Aberdeen Angus selling to £1700 each for a pen of four.

Two special awards were a new feature to the sale, and were capably judged by Mr James Ions, High Thorneyburn.

The best pen of 4 or more Bulling heifers received The Rob Armstrong Memorial Trophy, which was awarded to Messrs A & A Hogg & Son, Milnholm, for their pen of six tremendous heifers, which later sold to £1200, topping the bulling heifer section.

A & A Hogg, Milnholm – Winning the Rob Armstrong Memorial Trophy for best pen of Bulling Heifers

Winning the best group of heifer calves and receiving the Karen Telford Herbert Memorial Trophy was Messrs TD & M Moore & Son, Softley Farm, these seven month old heifers sold to £550.

TD & M Moore & Son, Softley Farm – Winning the Karen Telford Herbert Memorial Trophy for best pen of heifer calves

Out with the show, the heifer calves sold to £570 for a pen of five 5-7 month olds from Robinson Ottercops Ltd, Kirkwhelpington.

Leading prices:
Heifers with Calves: £1900, £1600 Farney Shields.

Heifers in-calf: £1700 (x4), £1680 (x4), £1650 (x4), £1550 (x4), £1500 (x4) Farney Shields, £1580 (x5), £1550 (x5), £1500 (x5), £1400 (x4) Beanley Farm, £1500 (x2), £1480 (x7), £1460 (x3) Sourhope Farm, £1450 (x2) Nickies Hill Farm, £1420 (x3) Southdean Farm.

Bulling Heifers: £1200 (x6), £900 (x3) Milnholm Farm, £1120 (x3) Old School House, £1050 (x2) Sewing Shields, £1020 (x2) Hot Bank Farm, £1000 (x4) Barlaes, £1000 (x3) Holme Head, £1000 (x4), £920, £900 (x2) Spout Bank, £980 (x4) Southdean Farm, £970 (x4) (Sal x Gal) Miller Hill, £940 (x4) Dykecroft Farm.

Heifer Calves under 10 months: £570 (x5), £560 (x8) Ottercops Farm, £560 (x2), £520 (x2) Blackhall Ewes, £560 (x4) Sewing Shields, £550 (x5), £540 (x5) Softley Farm, £550 (x2), £540 Nether Oakshaw.


The Annual sale of 260 Blue Grey and Galloway bullocks, and continental cross calves were forward.

An exceptionally strong crowd of buyers were present ensuring a great trade across the board. Topping the sale at £910 was a Simmental bullock consigned by Messrs Paterson, Hopsrig. Topping the Blue Grey bullocks at £670 was a great pen of three from Messrs Ions, High Thorneyburn.

An excellent run of suckler bred Limousin cross calves from Messrs Aitchison, Douglas Square sold to average a £725. Another great run of 13 Blue Grey and Galloway calves from Messrs Pattinson, Hot Bank sold to average £495.

Trade was greatly improved on the year and many more could have been sold to the Vendors advantage.

Leading Prices:
Steers: Simmental £910, £810 Hopsrig, £380 Rossville, Beef Shorthorn £875, £825, £755, £725 Kirndean, Limousin £850, £580 Hopsrig, £750, £700 Douglas Square, Aberdeen Angus £830, £803, £785, £780, £750 Mains Farm, Galloway £770 The Roan, £705 High Thorneyburn, £500, £490, £430 Hot Bank Farm, Blue Grey £670 High Thorneyburn, £640 Nether Oakshaw, £580 Aigden Farm, £555, £470, £460, £450 Hot Bank Farm, £520, £515, £485, £470 Softley Farm, £510 Hot Bank Farm, £490 (x2), £450, £395 Blackhall, £485, £440, £430, £390 Ottercops Farm, £450 The Row, £380 Cooms, £360 Whintings Town Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £760, £750 Haining House Farm, £760 (x3), £700, £640 Douglas Square, £610 Lees Hall Farm, £610 Hopsrig, Simmental £750, £730 Hopsrig, Aberdeen Angus £670, £630 (x2), £610 Mains Farm.