Newcastleton Two Day Annual Sale of Blue Grey Cattle

24th October 2018

On Tuesday 23rd October, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Great Annual Special sale of Blue Grey heifers and Wednesday 24th saw Blue Grey, Galloway and Continental bullocks go under the hammer at Newcastleton Mart.

On Tuesday the In calf, bulling and heifer calves were sold whereby the cattle were forward in good condition and sold a little easier to that of last year although better than most expected. Buyers came from far and wide including Shetland Islands, Cornwall and Northern Ireland.

The day saw an overall top of £1720 twice for two pens of four heifers in calf from Messrs Wallace, Farney Shield, Hexham and purchased by Adderstonshiels Farming, Hawick and Bridgewater and Wood, Langholm.  Top bulling heifers came from Messrs Kyle, Spout Bank, Brampton for a pen of five who attained £1140 and purchased by Messrs Anderson, Berwickshire and calves sold to £880 from Messrs Hogg, Milnholm, Langholm and purchased by Messrs Menzies, Thornhill and finally cows and calves peaked at £1320 from Messrs Harding, Nickies Hill, Brampton

Leading prices:
Heifers in-calf –
£1720 (x8) £1580 (x3) £1550 (x6) £1100 Farney Shields, £1580 (x4) £1550 (x2) Sourhope Farm £1420 (x3) £1380 (x3) Beanley Farm £1360 (x3) £1300 (x2) £1180 (x2) Southdean Farm.

Cow and Calves: £1320  (x4) Nickies Hill Farm

Heifers with Calves – £1320 Nickies Hill Farm, £1120, £1000 Southdean Farm,

Bulling Heifers – £1140 (x5) Spout Bank, £1100 (x5) The Square, £1100 (x14) The Becks, £1080 (x2) Barlaes £1050 (x3) Low Closegill, £1000 (x4) £980 (x4) Ottercops Farm, £1000 (x4) Southdean Farm, £940 (x5) Milnholm Farm, £920 (x2) Park Nook, £920 (x3) The Old School House, £920 (x5) Drycleuchlea

Heifer Calves under 12 months – £880 Milnholm Farm, £700 The Bloch £700 (x2) Hartsgarth, £650 (x2) Raeburnfoot, £650 (x3) The Row, £640 (x4) Softley Farm, £620 (x4) The Square

The second days trading at Newcastleton Mart saw trade exceed expectations for all vendors. Blue Grey bullocks saw a very slight decline on the year with all cattle easily sold. Many more could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Topping the day’s trading was £985 for a Simmental cross bullock from Messrs Paterson, Hopsrig, Langholm.  Topping the Blue Grey section was Messrs Story, Crookburn at £510 for a cracking pen of bullocks.

Leading Prices: Steers: Simmental £985, £870 Hopsrig, Shorthorn £810 (x2), £745 (x5) £710  Kirkdean, Aberdeen Angus £900, £865, £800, £780 (x2) Mains Farm, Limousin £745, £680, £660, £650 (x3) Douglas Square, Galloway £760 (x2) The Roan, £500 Low Sorbies, £425 (x3) Softley Farm, £425 (x2) Hot Bank Farm,  Blue Grey £510 (x2) £400 Crookburn, £500, £480 (x5) Bodesbeck Farm, £470 (x11) Aigden Farm, £460 (x5) £415 (x4) £410 (x7) Hartsgarth £490 Haining House Farm, £450 (x2) £410 (x2) Hot Bank Farm, £435 Whintings Town Farm, £400 (x6) Nether Oakshaw,

Heifers: Blonde £850 (x3) Hole of Lyne, Limousin £710 (x4) Haining House Farm, £700 (x2) Hopsrig, £670 (x2) £630, £620, £600 (x2) Douglas Square

Simmental £640 (x5) Hopsrig, Aberdeen Angus £590 (x3) £510 (x2) Mains Farm.