Online Timed Implement and Machinery Sale

17th September 2020

On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17h September, Harrison and Hetherington held their monthly online timed auction of Tractors, Vehicles, Machinery, and other Farm Implements.

A great entry of 426 lots were on offer to a large interest of buyers from all parts of the UK, resulting in a great sale from start to finish.

Topping the sale at Merlo 37.5 from local farmer sold to £34,000, a JCB 3CX from a Builder in St Boswells sold to £23,900. A Manitou 627 also from a local farmer sold to £15,300, and JCB 8060 Mini Digger sold to £12,500, and a Keverneland 5 Furrow Reverse Plough from a local farmer sold to £6600.

Forthcoming Sales
West Trailtrow & Kirkhill of Dalton Farm Sale
Viewing on Farms – Friday 18th – Saturday 19th September 9am-5pm
Bidding Monday 21st – Tuesday 22nd September

Saltoun Home Farm Sale
Viewing on Farm – Friday 25th – Saturday 26th September 9am-5pm
Bidding Monday 28th – Tuesday 29th September

October Online Time Auction.
Entries close Strictly Friday 9th October
Bidding Wednesday 14th – Thursday 15th

For more information please contact the Auctioneers:
David Holliday 07710 189804
Grant Anderson 07872 129274
Paul Gardner 07736 883671
Iain Dick 07713 599791 – St Boswells Area
Or visit

Leading Prices: £34,000 Merlo 37.5, £23,900 JCB 3CX Contractor, £15,300 627 Mantou, £12,500 JCB 8060 Mini Digger, £6600 Kverneland 5 Furow Reverse Plough, £5300 Root Crop Washer/Chopper and Feeder, £2480 Massey Ferguson 35, £2400 Teagle 8080 Bedder, £2100 McConnell Batwing Pasture Topper, £2050 Combination Drill, £2000 Urban U40 Calf Machine, £1500 Graham Edwards Tipping Trailer, £1250 Green Weeks Trailer, £850 Watson Calf Creep, £820 Swaledale Snacker.