St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle

5th July 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of  Store Cattle with a mixed show forward. Topping the days trading was a pen of Simmental.x bullocks from Messrs Hall of New Blainslie raising £1140. Topping pence per kilo was Messrs Connon of Greenknowe with two pens at 231.6ppkg firstly pen of Limousin.x and then Charloais.x heifers. Messrs Phaup of Hoprigshiels also had a pen of Charolais.x bullocks at 231.6ppkg.

Bullocks per head: Simmental: £1140 New Blainslie, £1100 Hoprigshiels. Charolais: £1100, £1050 Hoprigshiels. Limousin: £1090 Broomiebank. Aberdeen Angus: £1060 Hoprigshiels, £1010 Broomiebank, £1000 New Blainslie. Shorthorn: £1000 New Blainslie

Bullocks per kilo: Charolais: 231.6p, 225.8p Hoprigshiels. Aberdeen Angus: 218.6p Hoprigshiels, 212.7p Earlston Mains. Simmental: 226.8p, 225.9p Hoprigshiels. Shorthorn: 217.4p New Blainslie. Hereford: 216.1p New Blainslie. Limousin: 209.6p Broomiebank

Bullocks averaged 217.4p per kilo

Heifers per head: Limousin: £1070 Saughtree, £985 £940 Broomiebank. Charolais: £880 Greenknowe

Heifers per kilo: Limousin: 231.6p, 228.6p, 228.2p Greenknowe. Aberdeen Angus: 205.5p Fordel Parks

Heifers averaged 205p per kilo