St Boswells Annual Sale of Native Bred Cattle

1st October 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Native Bred Store Cattle.  Trade found new levels with a fantastic trade throughout.

Topping the days trading was Whitfield Farms, Hawick with a superb Aberdeen Angus.x Bullock at £1490.

Topping the pence per kilo was Messrs Connon, Greeknowe at 294.5p per kilo.

Taking home the T.W Forrest Challenge Trophy for the best pen of Aberdeen Angus.x calves were Messrs Ross of Wester Middleton, which made £1260.

Under the present restrictions there was no pre-sale show, the pens were judged during the sale by Alastair Aitken, Traprain, Haddington.

Show Results:-

Pen of 8 Aberdeen Angus Heifer Calves
1st        Ecclaw

Pen of 8 Aberdeen Angus Bullock Calves
1st        Wester Middleton

Pen of 8 Shorthorn Bullock Calves
1st        Bow

Bullocks per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1490 Whitfield, £1450, £1430 Wester Middleton, £1400 Whitfield, £1365, £1360 Birkenside, £1355 Whitfield, Hwk, £1350 Earlside, £1330 Newton, Hwk, £1300 Easter Middleton, £1290 (x4) Newton, Hwk, £1270 Whitfield, £1260 Wester Middleton, Hereford: £1110 Fairnilee, £1040 Gledswood, Longhorn: £820 Croc Mhor Farms, Luing: £940 Tushielaw, Beef Shorthorn: £1390, £1385, £1320, £1305, £1295, £1275, £1205 Bow, £1195 Sunnycroft, £1190 Bow, White Bred Shorthorn: £1055 Kingside, Blue Grey: £870, £850 Threepwood, British Blue: £1160 Bluecairn

Bullocks per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 294.5p Greeknowe, 275.4p Towford, 266.7p Greenknowe, 257.5p South Riccalton, 256p Easter Middleton, 255.4p Upper Nisbet, 253.2p New Blainslie, 250.7p, 250.6p  Stobshiel Mains, 250.6p Towford, 250p Cammerlaws, 248.7p Cortleferry, 247.6p Stobshiel Mains, 245.5p Greenknowe, 244.4p Stobshiel Mains, 243.7p Wester Middleton, 242.4p Fairnilee, Hereford: 211.6p Fairnilee, Longhorn: 202.5p Croc Mhor Farms, Beef Shorthorn: 221.2p Cliftonpark, 216p Bow, 213.2p Coltcrooks, 210.8p Byrewalls, 209.2p Bow, 208.7p Byrewalls, 208.3p Stagehall, 208p Kirktonhill, 206.9p Bow, 206p Sunnycroft, 205.6p Kirktonhill, Bow, 205p Kirktonhill White Bred Shorthorn: 208.9p Kingside,Blue Grey: 194.9p Lower Ashtrees, British Blue: 244.2p Bluecairn

Bullocks averaged 217.08p per kilo

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1285 Whitfield, £1240 Sunnycroft, Milrighall, £1220 Craigend, Upper Blainslie, £1200 Newton, Hwk, £1180 Kelsocleugh, £1170 Upper Blainslie, £1110 Cortleferry, £1100 Hownam Grange, Cortleferry, Craigend, Hereford: £1030 Lamberton, Limousin: £830 Byrewalls, Lincoln Red: £1080 Ecclaw, Beef Shorthorn: £1300, £1140 Mountbenger, Pinzgauer: £820 Thorneydykes

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 244.9p Cortleferry, Sunnycroft, 243.2p South Riccalton, 239.4p, 236.4p Greenknowe, 232.6p Cortleferry, 230.5p South Riccalton, 228.2p Northfield, St Abbs, 226.8p Cortleferry, 224.3p Currie Inn, 224.2p Calaburn, 222.7p Northfield, St Abbs, 221.4p, 220p Kirktonhill,Hereford: 200p Lamberton, Limousin: 236.4p Greenknowe, Lincoln Red: 225p Ecclaw, Beef Shorthorn: 232.1p Mountbenger 212.1p Cliftonpark, Pinzgauer: 207.6p Thorneydykes

Heifers averaged 207.82p per kilo