St Boswells Annual Show and Sale of Suckled Calves

25th October 2018

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Suckled Calves with 586 gracing the ring receiving bidding attention from far and wide.  Trade remaining similar with calves slightly lighter on the year. Taking charge of judging was Messrs Orr, Lower Greenhill who awarded the Champion and Reserve Champion to the same home – Messrs Cairns & Logan, South Riccalton for a Limousin.x Bullock and Heifer respectively.  Champion made £870, Reserve Champion £790.

Mr J.Cairns, South Riccalton, M.Orr, Lower Greenhill (Judge) with Champion Limousin Bullock

Outwith the show the days trading was topped by Messrs Hamilton, Earlside with a pen of fantastic Aberdeen Angus.x Heifers at £1095.  Topping the pence per kilo was from the annual consignment by Messrs Morton, Kaeside with a pen of spectacular Charolais.x Bullocks at 277.8p per kilo closely followed by another annual consignment from Messrs Cairns and Logan, South Riccalton at 276.8p per kilo for a Limousin.x Bullock

Bullocks per head: Up to 6 months £870 (2) South Riccalton, £800 Kaeside (2), South Riccalton (2), Ecclaw, 7-10 months £870 South Riccalton, £860 Gledswood, £850 South Riccalton (2), £845 Chapehill, £830 Orchard, £825 Earlside, 11-14 months £1080 Northfield St Abbs, Yester Mains, £1070 (2) Earlside, £950 Craighouse15-18 months £1080 Yester Mains, £1070 Earlside, £1000 Yester Mains, 19-30 months £840 Penchrise

Bullocks per kilo: Up to 6 months 277.8p Kaeside, 276.2p, 269.2p South Riccalton, 267.8p Kaeside, 259.3p (2)Scart Farm, Bridge of Weir, 259.3p Kirklands, 259p South Riccalton, 258.1p Ecclaw, 254.2p Kaeside, 7-10 months 269.2p South Riccalton, 259.3p Kirklands, 259p South Riccalton, 258.1p Ecclaw, 251.7p South Riccalton, 249.1p, 246.3p Ecclaw, 246p Scart, Bridge of Weir, 242.4p Kaeside, 11-14 months 230.1p, 225.3p Earlside, 220.4p Northfield St Abbs, 217.1p, 214.3p Earlside, 15-18 months 225.3p Earlside, 209.9p, 208.2p, 207.4p Penchrise 19-30 months 207.4p Penchrise

Up to 6 month bullocks averaged 242.17p per kilo (+1.4)
7 – 10 month bullocks averaged 228.63p per kilo (n/c)
11 – 14 month bullocks averaged 213.6p per kilo (-3.0)
15 – 18 month bullocks averaged 200.6p per kilo (-9.0)
Overall average 233.3p per kilo (+5.0p)

Heifers per head: Up to 6 months £840 Scart Farm, Bridge of Weir, £810, £805, £775 South Riccalton, £740 (2) Kaeside 7-10 months £810, £805 South Riccalton, £790 North Synton, South Riccalton, £775 South Riccalton, 11-14 months £1095, £1065, £945 Earlside, £915 North Synton, £900 Earlside, £840 Earlston Mains 15-18 months £840 Earlston Mains

Heifers per kilo: Up to 6 months 276.9p Scart Farm, 269.2p South Riccalton, 259.6p Kaeside, 254.1p South Riccalton, 252.8p Kaeside, 249.2p South Riccalton, 247p Scart Farm, 243.6p Pirnie, 7-10 months 269.2p, 254.1p, 250.8p, 249.2p South Riccalton, 243.6p Pirnie, 240.3p South Riccalton, 238.7p Kaeside, 11-14 months 220.5p North Synton, 207.7p, 202.8p Earlside, 15-18 months 190.9p Earlston Mains

Up to 6 month heifers averaged 236.86p per kilo (-4.0p)
7 – 10 months averaged 218.3p per kilo (-2.0p)
11 – 14 months averaged 196.08p
15 – 18 months averaged 185.6p
Overall average 222.4p per kilo (+5.0p)