St Boswells Christmas Primestock Show & Sale

2nd December 2019

At St Boswells on Monday 2nd December Harrison & Hetherington held their annual Show and Sale of Prime Cattle and weekly Primestock sale of sheep. 41 show cattle were presented to our judge, Mr J.Robertson, Glengyle, Eskbank.  Taking the days championship was a British Blue.x Heifer from weekly consignor Messrs Hamilton, Bee Edge.  Scaling at 588 kgs making 380p per kilo (£2234) to Coq and Bull Butchers, Edinburgh.

Champion Heifer from Messrs Hamilton, Bee Edge

Taking the Reserve Championship was another weekly consignor, Messrs Neil, Upper Nisbet with a home bred Limousin.x Heifer scaling 552kgs making 330p per kilo (£1821) to Anderson Butchers, North Berwick.  A big thank you to all concerned with the show.

Sold 85 Clean Cattle, 94 Cast Cows, 1521 Lambs and 592 Ewes.


Bullocks (15) averaged 201p per kg and sold to 250p
Heifers (29) averaged 222p per kg and sold to 248p


Bullocks (15) averaged 213.71p per kg and sold to 248p
Heifers (26) averaged 255.5p per kg and sold to 380p


Bullocks (30) averaged 208p per kg
Heifers (55) averaged 234p per kg
94 Cast Cows averaged 118p per kg and sold to 179p (-2.0p on the week) Top price £1326
1521 Lambs averaged 185.85p per kg (+2.85p on the week) and sold to £105, top price 250p per kg for Beltex Lambs
592 Ewes averaged £60.23 and sold to £117 for Suffolk Ewes.  Heavy Ewes averaged £87, light ewes sold to £80 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £48



Class 1 – Single Bullock – Native Bred (Sponsored by Thomas Sherriff & Co Ltd)
1st                    Greenknowe               624 kgs           238p    J.Anderson (Butchers), North Berwick
2nd                    Sunnycroft                  662 kgs           232p    J.A Waters & Son, Selkirk
3rd                    Glenrath                      710 kgs           210p    J.Anderson (Butchers), North Berwick

Class 2 – Single Heifer – Native Bred (Sponsored by Game & Country)
1st                    Wester Middleton        528 kgs           262p    J.Anderson (Butchers), North Berwick
2nd                    Greenknowe               552 kgs           254p    Linton Butchers, East Linton
3rd                    Humbie Mill                 528 kgs           242p    Charles Wilson (Butchers) Ltd, Edinburgh

Class 3 – Single Bullock by Limousin Sire (Sponsored by Roxan Tags)
1st                    Outerston                    696 kgs           192p    Hugh Black & Sons , Bathgate
2nd                    North Synton               630 kgs           194p    S.I Carlisle & Co, Dumfries
3rd                    Penston                       520 kgs           248p    J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Tranent

Class 4 – Single Heifer by Limousin Sire (Sponsored by Tarff Valley Ltd)
1st                    Wester Middleton        548 kgs           258p    J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Tranent
2nd                    Bee Edge                    592 kgs           264p    Denholm Meat Supplies
3rd                    Upper Nisbet               542 kgs           248p    W.P Tulloch, Paisley

Class 5 – Single Bullock by any other Continental Sire (Sponsored by Tarff Valley Ltd)
1st                    Faughhill                      568 kgs           244p    Hugh Black & Sons, Bathgate

Class 6 – Single Heifer by any other Continental Sire (Sponsored by HumbersPalmers)
1st                    Bee Edge                    588 kgs           380p    Coq & Bull Butchers Ltd, Edinburgh (CHAMPION)

Class 7 – Single Bullock bred by exhibitor (Sponsored by Roxan Tags)
1st                    Glower Oer Him          558 kgs           244p    Charles Wilson Ltd, Edinburgh
2nd                    North Synton               616 kgs           196p    S.I Carlisle & Co, Dumfries

Class 8 – Single Heifer bred by exhibitor (Sponsored by Thomas Sherriff & Co Ltd

1st                    Upper Nisbet               552 kgs           330p    J.Anderson (Butchers), North Berwick
2nd                    Mosstower                  584 kgs           264p    Mr Craig Malone, Fife
3rd                    Wester Middleton        534 kgs           264p    J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Tranent

OVERALL CHAMPION – Bee Edge             588 kgs at 380p to Coq and Bull Butchres Ltd, Edinburgh

RESERVE CHAMPION – Upper Nisbet       552 kgs at 330p to J.Anderson (Butchers), North Berwick

Cast Cows per head: Kersknowe £1326.10, £1310.68, Thrunton £1257.30, Thornydykes £1256.64, Ramrig £1239.68, Wester Middleton £1184.82, Huntington £1144.44, Ramrig £1135, Brockholes £1105.14, Huntington £1087.78

Cast Cows per kilo: Huntington 179p, Brockholes 167p, Thrunton 165p, Brockholes 163p, Darnhall Mains 159p, Huntington 153p, Kersknowe 151p, Ramrig, Kersknowe 149p,Wester Middleton 147p

Lambs –  Less lambs forward.  Returns a touch sharper for handy weights.

Lambs per head – Beltex: £105 Threeburnford, £99, £98, £94.50, £94, £91 (2), £89.50, £88 Crookston, £86 Lylestane, Texel: £99.50, £96.50 St Leonards, £96 Corsbie, Threepwood, £95 St Leonards, £94 Elmscleugh (2), Roxburgh Mains, £93 St Leonards, Walkersknowe Cottage, £92.50 Woodhouse, £92 Upper Huntlywood Cottage, £91.50 Kedzlie, Corsbie, St Leonards, £91 Newton, C, £90.50 Leaston, £90 Crookston, Greenhead, R, Suffolk: £97.50 Bonjedward, £95 Haltree, £94.50 Bonjedward, £94 Greenhead, R, Upper Huntlywood Cottage, £93.50 Bonjedward, £92.50 Easter Happrew, £92 Greenhead, R, £90 Oxmuir, £89.50 Marigold, £89 Hermiston, Corsbie, £88.50 Broomilees, £88 Adderstonshiels, £87 Gospelhall, Corsbie, Headshaw, L, Cortleferry, North Country Cheviot: £93, £92.50, £91 Adderstonshiels, £90, £89.50 Upper Huntlywood Cottage, £86 Adderstonshiels, Greyfaced: £89.50, £81 Burncastle, Charollais: £87.50 (2) Stirches Mains

Lambs per kilo – Beltex: 250p Threeburnford, 232.5p Crookston, 220.5p Lylestane, 216.1p Crookston, 212.8p Old Melrose Lodge, 212p, 204.2p Crookston, 197.4p Lylestane, 196.9p Crookston, Texel: 213.3p, 208p Kedzlie, 205.1p, 204.9p Newton, C, 204.7p Threepwood, 202.4p Woodhouse, 201.1p Kedzlie, Threepwood, 200p (3) Newton, C, 198.8p Threepwood, 197.9p St Leonards, Woodhouse, Newton, C, 197p Woodhouse, 194.8p Elliston, 194.6p Leaston, 193.6p Newton, C, North Country Cheviot: 192.5p Newton, C, 191.3p Buckholm, 188.8p Lylestane, Greyfaced: 192.1p Threeburnford, Suffolk: 188.9p (2) Haltree, 188.8p Threeburnford, 188p Threepwood, 186.3p Oxmuir, 186.2p Newton, C Blackface: 187.5p Threeburnford

Ewes – Lighter show forward.  Trade similar for all types

Suffolk: £117, £111 Oxmuir, £97 Greenhead, R, £95 Falside, £94 Hermiston, £89 Cortleferry, Headshaw, L, St Leonards, £87 Marigold, Blackcruik Farming, Texel: £101 Greenhead, R, £97 Leaston, £93 Elmscleugh, £91 Roxburgh Mains, £87 Lylestane, Haltree, Greenhead, R, £83 (2)  Penston, £81 Leaston, Lylestane (2), Hampshire: £93 East Fortune, Bluefaced Leicester: £85 Newbigging Walls, North Country Cheviot: £80 Adderstonshiels, £79 Haltree, £69 Elliston, £65 Adderstonshiels, £64 Penston, Greyfaced: £77 Langraw, Falside, £73 Penston, £71 Cortleferry, £70 Marigold, Cheviot Mule: £73 Lylestane, LLeyn: £67 East Fortune, £65 Houdshall Cottage, £57 Legerwood, Brotherstone, Blackface: £58 Burncastle, £57 Douglasdale, £54 Burncastle, Elmscleugh, £51 Cortleferry