St Boswells Prime Stock Sale

1st July 2019

At St Boswells on Monday 1st July Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep sold 57 Clean Cattle, 25 Cast Cows, 1431 Lambs and 517 Ewes.

Bullocks (20) averaged 202p per kg and sold to 228p (+2.0p on the week)
Heifers (32) averaged 209p per kg and sold to 239p (+1.0p on the week)
5 Young Bulls averaged 141p per kg and sold to 150p (n/c on the week)
25 Cast Cows averaged 134p per kg and sold to 165p ( +12.0p on the week) Top price £1383
1431 Lambs averaged 196p per kg (-14p on the week)  and sold to £118, top price 224p per kg for Texel Lambs
Ewes averaged £70 and sold to £115 for Texel Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged £84, light ewes sold to £81 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £60

Clean Cattle per head: Bee Edge 1389.92, £1357, Faughill £1327.04, Nisbet £1313.76, Faughill £1312.38, Bee Edge £1306.80 (2), Nisbet £1273, Willowford £1256.32, Upper Nisbet £1238.20, £1232.64, £1232

Clean Cattle per kilo: Penston 239p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 238p Shaw Fine Meats, Penston 232p (2) Forsyths of Peebles and J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Penston 230p (3) Coopers Butchers, J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Forsyths of Peebles, West Garleton 228p J.Saunderson Ltd, Upper Nisbet 224p Shaw Fine Meats, Upper Nisbet 214p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

Cast Cows per head: Kersknowe £1383.30, £1320, £1252.18, £1240.30, Wester Middleton £1104.90, Burnfoot £1083.42, Allanshaws £1074.08, Milrighall £1044.90, Cragside £1044

Cast Cows per kilo: Kersknowe 165p, 159p, 157p, Meigle 147p, Cragside, Wester Ulston, Wester Middleton 145p, Towford, New Blainslie 143p, Mitchelston 137p

Lambs –  More numbers forward, returns less on the week

Lambs per head- Texel: £118 The Knock, £113 Upper Bolton, £112 The Knock, £111 Elliston, £109 Legars, The Knock, £106.50 Upper Bolton, £103 Belmont, £102 Symington Mains, £101 Thornington, £100.50 St Leonards, £99.50 Brothershiels, £99 New Blainslie, £98.50 The Knock, £98 Greenhead, R, Huntington, Symington Mains, £96 Elliston, £95 Haltree, £94.50 Brothershiels Suffolk: £113, £105 The Knock, £104 Belmont, Smailholm Mains, £103 Symington Mains, £102 Blackhill, C, £100.50 Easter Middleton, £98 The Knock, £97 Belmont, £96 Symington Mains, Headshaw, L, £95 Blegbie, £94.50 Thornington, £94 (2) Symington Mains, £93 Belmont, Beltex: £85 Broadmeadows, Symington Mains, Redden, £82 Symington Mains

Lambs per kilo – Suffolk: 223.9p, 213.6p Symington Mains, 208.8p Blegbie, 208.7p Headshaw, L, 205.1p Easter Middleton, 204.3p (2) Symington Mains, 204p Blackhill, C, 203.9p Belmont, 203.4p Blackhill, C, 203.3p Easter Middleton, 202.3p Headshaw, L, 201.2p Haltree, 201.1p Thornington, Texel: 219.4p, 217.8p Symington Mains, 216.5p Lochside, 213p Huntington, 210.2p Belmont, 208.5p Greenhead, R, 207.6p, 207.4p The Knock, 207.1p Headshaw, L, 206.9p The Knock, 206.8p Upper Bolton, 206.6p Legars, 206.5p Haltree, Elliston, 206.3p New Blainslie, 206p St Leonards, 205.6p Elliston, 205.1p Huntington, Elliston, 204.9p Kedzlie, Beltex: 215.8p Symington Mains, 207.9p Kedzlie, 207.3p Broadmeadows, Symington Mains, 200p Redden

Ewes –  More ewes about, trade similar

Texel: £115 Legars, £99 Torwoodlee, £93 Symington Mains, £90 Kedzlie, £89 Bogend, Belmont, £87 Torwoodlee, £87 Belmont, Huntington, £85 Elliston, £83 St Leonards, Bogend, £81 Huntington, Suffolk: £100 Haltree, £97 Legars, £93 Haltree, £87 Ecclaw, Haltree, Huntington, £85 Ecclaw, St Leonards, £81 Kedzlie, Lleyn:  £95, £80 Trabroun, Charollais: £95 Ladyflat, Berrichon: £90, £81 Springwood Lodge, Bluefaced Leicester: £91 Windydoors, Cheviot Mule: £83 Pikestane, Greyfaced: £83 Broadmeadows, £71 St Leonards, Torwoodlee, Bogend (2), Ecclaw, Windydoors, North Country Cheviot: £81 Springwood Lodge, £69 Elliston, £63 Torwoodlee, £61 Elliston, Half Bred: £77 Ecclaw, Blackfaced: £76 Bowhill Farming, £60 Leithen Water, Torwoodlee, Romney: £75 Towford