St Boswells Primestock Sale

2nd July 2018

At St Boswells on Monday 2nd July Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep where they sold Clean 55 Cattle, 34 Cast Cows, 974 Lambs and 387 Ewes.

Bullocks (19) averaged 225p per kg and sold to 237p (-9p on the week)
Heifers (34) averaged 226 p per kg and sold 251 p (-3p on the week) 1 Young Bull sold to 157p.
34 Cast Cows averaged 149p per kg and sold to 177 p (-5p on the week) Top Price £1369.
974 Lambs averaged 213.04p per kg (-10p on the week) and sold to £130, top price 245 p per kg for Suffx Lambs
387Ewes averaged £78 and sold to £139 for Tex.x Ewes.  Heavy Ewes averaged £105, light ewes sold to £103 for Char.x Ewes and averaged £65.50

Clean Cattle per head: Kedzlie £1531.02. Bee Edge £1474.9, £1470.86,£1468.16, £1459.12. Willowford £1443.04. Thirlestane £1388.68. Phantassie £1386. West Longridge £1367.70. £1354.88 Thirlestane £1367.70, £1358.88. Kedzlie £1327.20.

Clean Cattle per kilo: Bee Edge 251p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, 248p, Shaw Fine Meats,245p Hugh Black & Sons,244p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons. Penston 241p Charles Wilson Limited. Humbie Mill 240p Michael Malone,Edinburgh. Faughhill 239p Mr George Chapman. Kedzlie 237p TA Shaw, Lauder, J Waters, Selkirk. Faughhill 235p JF Finlay& Company Ltd. Pathhead 234p Michael Malone, Edinburgh. Wester Ulston 232p TA Shaw Lauder. Phantassie 231p J Anderson, North Berwick.

Cast Cows per head: Burnfoot £1369.04. Birkenside £1294.44. Humebyres £1276.74. Thirlestane £1234.02. Caverton Mill £1168.20. Ruletownhead £1140.80. Bankhouse £1131.22 Graden £1119.96, £1117.20. Birkenside £1098.54.

Cast Cows per kilo:  West Mains 177p. Humebyres 173p. Caverton Mill 165p. 163p. Bankhouse 163p. Birkenside 161p(2) New Blainslie , Humebyres 159p. Muircleugh 157p.

Cast Bull: East Mains 133p

Lambs per kilo – Texel: 245.3p, 220p Symington Mains.244p, 228.8p Huntington. 241.30p, 238pThreepwood. 239.6p Thirlestane. 231.60p Greenhead. 228.60p Headshaw. 228.30p (2) St Leonards.225.30p Lochside.224.50p Edrom Mains. 224.40p Fountainhall, Lochside.

Suffolk: 233p Belmont. 231.30p Symington Mains. 227.90p Haltree. 225.90pHuntington. 223.10p Corsbie. 222p, Marvingston, Smailholm Mains. 222p Lightfield. 220.40p Thornington.218.20pBrothershiels,Marvingston.

Beltex: 234.60p Huntington. Hampshire: 222.90p Cauldcoats(2). Berrichon: 207.10p Springwood Lodge. Grey Face: 200p Colmslie.

Lambs per head: Texel: £130,Symington Mains. £119 Threepwood, Edrom Mains. £115 Thirlestane. £114 Elmscleugh. £112 Headshaw. £111 Threepwood, Huntington. £110 Greenhead. £107 Sunnycroft. £105  St Leonards (2). £101 Corsbie, Fountainhall.Suffolk: £127 Belmont. £116 Corsbie. £111 Smailholm Mains, Symington Mains,Marvingston. £108 Thornington. £104 Smailholm Mains. £103 Haltree, Lightfield.Beltex: £95 Huntington. £89 Coltcrooks, Rhodes Holdings. Hampshire: £107 Cauldcoats (2). Berrichon: £116 Springwood Lodge. £91 Putton Mill.

Ewes – Texel: £139,£133, £129 Elmscleugh. £119 Birkenside. £113 Fountainhall. Suffolk: £111 Headshaw, Haltree. £105 Lawfield. £103 Birkenside. Berrichon: £95 Springwood Lodge. £85 Springwood Lodge, Putton Mill. BF Leicester: £111 Hartside. Blackface: £79 Elmscleugh. £73 Hartside.HB: £107,£101 Haltree. Lleyn: £73 Clifton Hill.