St Boswells Primestock Sale

11th June 2018

At St Boswells on Monday 11th June Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep.

At their annual summer show and sale of prime cattle sponsored by Wishaw Abattoir, the judge Mr A.Cooper, Cooper Butchers, Bellshill awarded the championship to Messrs Hamilton, Bee Edge for a Limousin.x heifer which scaled 590kgs and made 275p (£1622) to the judge Mr A.Cooper.  The reserve was awarded to a Limousin.x heifer again from Bee Edge which scaled 598kgs and made 265p (£1584) again to the judge Mr A.Cooper

Sold 56 Clean Cattle, 33 Cast Cows, 836 Lambs, 149 Hoggs and 303 Ewes.
Bullocks (19) averaged 232p per kg and sold to 254p (+5.0p on the week)
Heifers (37) averaged 234p per kg and sold to 275p (+3.0p on the week)
33 Cast Cows averaged 150p per kg and sold to 181p (-2.0p on the week) Top Price £1544
836 Lambs averaged 262p per kg (-30p on the week) and sold to £147, top price 282p per kg for Texel Lambs
149 Hoggs averaged 184p per kg (+11p on the week) and sold to £127, top price 221p per kg for Suffolk.x Hoggs.
Ewes averaged £85 and sold to £145 for Texel.x Ewes.  Heavy Ewes averaged £105, light ewes sold to £71 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £60

1st            Faughhill               weight    688kgs   made 210p to Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd
2nd           Willowford             weight    586kgs   made 220p to P.R Duff Ltd

1st            Jedderfield           weight    616kgs   made 238p Cooper Butchers
2nd           Kedzlie                  weight    562kgs   made 247p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd
3rd           Longnewton         weight    540kgs   made 245p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd

1st            Willowford             weight    498kgs   made 241p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd
2nd           Traprain                 weight    532kgs   made 239p Linton Butchers
3rd           Phantassie            weight    632kgs   made 228p John Anderson (Butchers) 

1st            Bee Edge              weight    590kgs   made 275p Cooper Butchers (CHAMPION)
2nd           Bee Edge              weight    598kgs   made 265p Cooper Butchers (RESERVE CHAMPION)
3rd           Pathhead              weight    630kgs   made 254p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

Overall Champion (Lim x hfr) from Messrs Hamilton
Reserve Champion (Lim x hfr) from Messrs Hamilton

Cast Cows per head: Upper Huntlywood £1544.88, Croft Gardens £1420.02, Cragside £1404.56, Upper Huntlywood £1378.46, Berryhill £1287.70, £1251.84, Shidlaw £1243.38, Berryhill £1213.94, Shidlaw £1212.10

Cast Cows per kilo: Cragside 181p, Berryhill (2), Towford 163p, Croft Gardens, Berryhill 161p, Shidlaw, Upper Huntlywood 159p, Upper Huntlywood 157p (2)

Lambs – Superb show of lambs forward, trade slightly less inline with national trade.

Lambs per head – Texel:£147 (2) Thirlestane, £139 Roxburgh Mill, £138 (2) Thirlestane, £136 Greenhead, R, £134 Berryhill, £133 Traprain, £130 St Leonards, Roxburgh Mill, £129 Thirlestane, New Blainslie, Marvingston, £128, £127, £126 Thirlestane, £126 Stickle Heaton, £124 (2) Edrom Mains, Corsbie, Suffolk: £140 Edrom Mains, £130 Marvingston, £127 Lochside, £126 Wester Middleton, Huntington, £124 Belmont, £123 Berryhill, £122 Smailholm Mains, £120 Eden Brook (2), Thornington, Edrom Mains, Beltex: £112 Faughhill

Lambs per kilo – Texel: 282.2p, 280.4p Thirlestane, 280p Headshaw, L, 279.1p St Leonards, 278.8p, 278.3p, 276.9p Thirlestane, 276.5p St Leonards, 274.4p Coltcrooks, 273.3p Thirlestane, 272.9p, 272.7p, 272.5p Huntington, 270.7p Stickle Heaton, Suffolk: 280p Huntington, 273.4p Lochside, 273.2p Headshaw, L. Beltex: 276.5p Faughhill

Hoggs per head- Suffolk: £127 Boon, Butterdean, £119, £107 Butterdean, £103 Boon, Texel: £127 Butterdean, £117 Huntington, £115, £112 Butterdean, £111 Boon, Greyfaced: £91 Aikeyside, Meigle

Ewes – Strong show forward, increased returns.
Texel: £145 Butterdean, £140 Huntington, £135 Butterdean, £133 Huntington, £121 St Leonards, £105 Marvingston, Suffolk: £143 Huntington, £137 Greenhead, R, £133 Huntington, £131 Meigle, £127 Butterdean, £125 St Leonards, £121 Headshaw, L, £110 Wester Middleton, £109 Huntington, £105 Marvingston, £103 Berryhill, £103 Belmont, Cheviot Mule: £109 Berryhill, Half Bred: £103 Marvingston, Greyfaced: £97 Butterdean, £93 Broomilees, £91 Wester Middleton, £85 Traprain, £83 Broomilees, £81 Berryhill. Meatlink: £75, £67 Houdshall, Blackface: £65 Aikeyside, Berrichon: £63 Woodend,