St Boswells Primestock Sale

20th August 2018

At St Boswells on Monday 20th August Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep where they sold 58 Clean Cattle, 28 Cast Cows, 1321 Lambs and 886 Ewes.

Bullocks (20) averaged 221p per kg and sold to 250p (-7.0p on the week)
Heifers (38) averaged 226p per kg and sold to 248p (+9.0p on the week)
28 Cast Cows averaged 133p per kg and sold to 159p (-4.0p on the week) Top Price £1325.08
1321 Lambs averaged 174p per kg (-25p on the week) and sold to £96 top price 216p per kg for Texel  Lambs.
Ewes averaged £57 and sold to £101 for Bluefaced Leicester Ewes.  Heavy Ewes averaged £85, light ewes sold to £87 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £46.

Clean Cattle per head: Hoselaw £1491.84, Bee Edge £1466.40, Hoselaw £1451.88, Bee Edge £1442.28, Woodhead, A £1432.26, Kedzlie £1431.84, Bee Edge £1387.20, £1356.64, Woodhead, A £1346.96, Mosstower £1343.20, Kedzlie £1339.51

Clean Cattle per kg: Pathhead 250p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Penston 248p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, Bee Edge 244p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, 240p Shaw Fine Meats, Pathhead 239p Charles Wilson Ltd, Mosstower 238p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 238p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Penston 236p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 235p J.A Waters & Sons, Papple 234p Robert L Wilson (Butcher) Ltd

Cast Cows per head: Roxburgh Mains £1325.08, Upper Huntlywood £1284.78, Huntington £1162.80, Pirnie Hall Cottages £1075.78, Currie Inn £1074.08, Huntington £1062.12, Kedzlie £1025.10, Priesthaugh £1000.80

Cast Cows per kg: Huntington 159p, Roxburgh Mains 157p, Huntington, Kedzlie 153p, 5 Pirnie Hall Cottages 149p, Townhead 145p, Priesthaugh 143p, Townhead 141p

Lambs – less as expected

Lambs per head – Texel: £96 Crookston, £95 Huntington, £92 Lower Ashtrees, Pikiestane, £90, £87 Huntington, £86 Crookston, £85 Hundalee, Greenhead, R, £84.50 (2) Blythebank, Suffolk: £91 Huntington, £90 Edrom Mains, £89, £88 Haltree, £87 Mossilee, £85 Yarlside, £84.50 Haltree, Blegbie, £84 Elmscleugh, Beltex: £90 Huntington, £84 Craiglea

Lambs per kilo – Texel: 216.7p Blythebank, 202p Huntington, 193.1p Applecross, 192p Blythebank, 188.8p Lower Ashtrees, 186.5p Huntington, 185.2p Mossilee, 185p Applecross, 184.9p Crookston, 184.1p Threeburnford, Crookston, 183.3p Hardacres, Hermiston, 182.7p Huntington, 182.4p Hundalee, 181.8p Muircleugh, 181.7p Byrewalls, 181.6p Lustruther, 181.1p Crookston, 180.5p Blackburn, Beltex: 190.9p Craiglea, 186.3p Threeburnford, 183.7p Huntington, 182.7p, 181.4p Craiglea, Suffolk: 185.7p Huntington, 177.9p Haltree, 176.2p Trabrown, 176.1p Faughhill, 175.9p Yarlside

Ewes – mixed show, similar returns

Bluefaced Leicester: £101 Newbigging Walls, £85 Hartside, Suffolk: £99 Cortleferry, £97 South Riccalton, £86 Threepwood, £85 South Riccalton, £83 Cortleferry, Texel: £97 The Lee, The Craggs, £93 Stickle Heaton, £90 Threepwood, £89 The Lee, Langtonlees, Woodhouse, £88 Stickle Heaton, £87 (2)Glenrath, The Craggs, The Lee, Greyfaced: £89 Blythebank, £79 Newbigging Walls, £75 Traprain, Woodhouse, North Country Cheviot: £87 Soutra Mains, Stobshiel Mains, £75 Springhill, £71 South Riccalton, Cheviot Mule: £85 Blegbie, Mainhill, Beltex: £83 Heriotsfield, Meatlinc: £59, £57 Houdshall, Blackface: £53 Longcroft, £49 Elmscleugh, £45 Longcroft, £43 Heathpark Place