St Boswells Primestock Sale

27th August 2018

At St Boswells on Monday 27th August Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep.

Sold 65 Clean Cattle, 32 Cast Cows, 2071 Lambs and 460 Ewes.
Bullocks (25) averaged 225p per kg and sold to 252p (+4.0p on the week)
Heifers (37) averaged 228p per kg and sold to 255p (+2.0p on the week)
3 Young Bulls averaged 185p per kg and sold to 191p (n/c on the week)
32 Cast Cows averaged 147p per kg and sold to 177p (+14p on the week) Top Price £1262
2071 Lambs averaged 183p per kg (+9p on the week) and sold to £116 top price 257p per kg for Beltex Lambs.
460 Ewes averaged £68 and sold to £111 for Suffolk Ewes.  Heavy Ewes averaged £87, light ewes sold to £85 for Cheviot Ewes and averaged £52.

Clean Cattle per head: Upper Nisbet £1569.72, Bee Edge £1555.50, Upper Nisbet £1511.02, Bee Edge £1490.76, Woodhead £1487.36, Upper Nisbet £1471.36, Bee Edge £1431.48, £1424.10, Faughhill £1411.20, Woodhead £1410.24, Bee Edge £1390.80

Clean Cattle per kg: Bee Edge 255p B & T Kitson, Mosstower 254p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, Upper Nisbet 254p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Kedzlie 252p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, Upper Nisbet 251p B & T Kitson, Bee Edge 246p Denholm Meat Supplies, Kedzlie 245p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Mosstower 243p W.T.S Forsyth & Sons, Penston 243p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Upper Nisbet 242p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Penston 240p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Bee Edge 237p Shaw Fine Meats, Kedzlie 232p Mr G.Chapman, Penston 230p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd, Snawdon 230p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

Cast Cows per head: Townhead £1226.70, Graden £1189.02, Muircleugh £1141, Gateshaw £1135.68, Graden £1114.38, Muircleugh £1102.14, Burnhouse Mains £1080.16, Willowford £1065.54, Gateshaw £1039.94

Cast Cows per kg: Willowford 177p, Gateshaw, Willowford 169p, Gateshaw 167p

Show and Sale of Beltex.x Prime Lambs, kindly sponsored by The Beltex Sheep Society and expertly judged by Mr J.Curle.

Class 1 (Ex Suffolk.x Ewes)
1st        Cammerlaws              £90
2nd       Cammerlaws              £87

Class 2 (Ex Continental Ewes)
1st        Crookston                   £116    (Champion)
2nd       Crookston                   £  91
3rd        Huntington                   £114

Class 3 (Ex Mule Ewes)
1st        Huntington                   £  95 (Reserve Champion)
2nd       Craighouse                  £  91
3rd        Craighouse                  £  87

Lambs – trade sharper, all types wanted.

Lambs per head – Beltex: £116 Crookston, £114 Huntington, £100 (2) Crookston, Lochside, £98 Crookston, Lochside, £97, £95 Craigsford Mains, £95 Huntington, £94 2 Sydenham Farm Cottages, Wester Middleton, £91 Crookston, Craighouse, £90 Halidean Mill, Cammerlaws, Texel:£113 2 Sydenham Farm Cottages, £103 Threepwood, £102 Symington Mains, £100 St Leonards, Haltree, Crumhaughhill, Huntington, £99 Ashley Park, £98 Symington Mains, £94.50 Crumhaughhill, £94 Craigsford Mains, £93 Adderstonshiels, Hopton, Ashley Park, Lochside, £92 Lochside, Crumhaughhill (2), Craigsford Mains, £91 Edrom Mains, Suffolk: £110, £109 Woodhead, £106 Wester Middleton, £100 (2) Symington Mains, £98 Thornington, £97 Edrom Mains, Muircleugh, £96.50 Wester Middleton, £92 Symington Mains, £91 Haltree, North Country Cheviot: £84 Symington Mains

Lambs per kilog – Beltex: 257.8p Crookston, 231.7p Huntington, 227.5p Crookston, 219.5p Cammerlaws, 217.4p Crookston, 214.8p Cammerlaws, 211.1p, 209.4p Huntington, 208.9p 2 Sydenham Farm Cottages, 208.5p, 208.3p Lochside, 204.7p Crookston, 204.5p Halidean Mill, 202.5p Crookston, 202.2p Craighouse, 202.1p (2) Craigsford Mains, 202.1p Crookston, 200p Cammerlaws, Symington Mains, Texel: 208.3p, 204.8p Huntington, 203.9p Lochside, 202.4p 2 Sydenham Farm Cottages, 202.2p Lower Ashtrees, Lochside, 202p Crumhaughhill, 196p Symington Mains, 195.7p Lower Ashtrees, 195.2p Huntington, Applecross, 194.8p Crumhaughhill, 194.3p Threepwood, 193.7p (2) Crumhaughhill, 193p Borthwickshiels, 192.9p Huntington,192.5p Symington Mains, 192.3p Haltree, 192.3p St Leonards, Suffolk: 194.9p, 192.7p Wester Middleton, 189.6p Haltree, 188.7p Symington Mains, 188.4p Huntington, 188.3p Muircleugh

Ewes – Trade sharper, weight paying.

Suffolk: £111 Headshaw, L, Woodside, £103 Headshaw, L, £85 Burnhouse Mains, £83 Edrom Mains, £81 Brothershiels, Woodside, Texel: £99 Headshaw, L, Elmscleugh, £97 Newton, £87 Buckholm, Lochside, Burnhouse Mains, £85 North Synton, Lochside, North Country Cheviot: £85 North Synton, £73 Springhill, £71 Woodside, Springhill, Greyfaced: £81 North Synton, £79 Burnhouse Mains, £77 Newton, £74 Broomiebank, £73 Lochside, £71 Burnhouse Mains, Cheviot Mule: £79 Fairnilee, Torwoodlee, £75 Woodside, Bluefaced Leicester: £73 Broomiebank, Blackface: £73 Cademuir, £61 North Synton, £59 Burnhouse Mains, £51 Torwoodlee